And God said: ”Oi, you lot!”

Something to make you smile on this windy and rainy South African Friday afternoon:

Scientists use a radiometric dating technique or process to determine an object’s age by its radioactive isotopes’ decay rate …

Now we could claim that radiometric dating is flawed, but let us assume that science is correct that the earth is 4.54 billion years old.1 ….


Bible scholars and chronologists use the Masoretic text to walk back the generations from Abraham to Adam. Based on their critical research of the Bible, they ascertained the earth to be about 6,000 years old, according to

It gets better ….

The difference between the two claims is quite vast, and because of this, we can see how it has sparked systemic contemptuous debates from one generation to the next with neither side giving any ground to the other. Is there any other possibility? Is it possible that both science and theology have it correct? In my opinion, the answer to that question is yes; both sides are right in their conclusions. 

Fortunately for the Neanderthals among us, he goes on to offer an explanation. However, it is as convoluted as one would expect from someone who would cite AIG as a credible source.

He concludes with this erudite and inciteful comment.

Well, as for me, I would rather be a fool for Jesus, 

I would love for some of you lot to pop over and have a chat with him – I am banned, naturally. 

Do the ‘click click’ thing …. HERE


31 thoughts on “And God said: ”Oi, you lot!”

  1. I, too, have left a comment. I also explained why it will be censored: because faith-based belief will reject reality if in conflict with it. And this blogger will prove me right. All I can hope is that I will plant a seed of doubt that will erode ever so slightly his curtain of pious certainty about the positive role of faith. Hard to align that positive sense with being a denier of reality to maintain it.

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    1. If you read the comments you may have seen that he is ”not familiar” with Hugh Ross!
      And yet, I’ll bet he is well aware who Ken Ham is!

      Only ”real Christians” will do, I suppose? *Sigh*

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  2. To quote a wise person whose name alludes me at the moment, “If yer bein’ a fool fer Allah, yer just a flat out fool.” Fools for Jesus! HAH!!! When, oh, when will these Christian infidels see the foolishness of their ways?!

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      1. S’okay, you are allowed to be foolish.
        I reckon anyone who sat through that Trump/Biden fiasco is going to be a bit shell shocked for a while.


        1. It almost blinded me watching it. My guess is Trump is lying about having covid so he can cancel further debates; then pop out of the WH in a week or 2 perfectly healthy shouting,” I kicked covid’s ass! Vote for me!” Lordy but do I hate the SOB.

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          1. I still cannot believe he was actually voted into power ( and I am aware of the weird voting system you lot have over there.)
            I once thought Jacob Zuma was the Camel’s Arse but Trump now has to be one of the worst democratically elected Presidents in history – of any country!


          2. I do not hate him.
            Remember Bush ordered US tropps into Iraq over wmds , and that was a monstrous lie.
            Considering the real motivation and the consequences of that action, someone like Bush is worthy of hate.

            Trump may be regarded as potentially dangerous – but in reality he is simply a buffoon, and a fool. Sad to say, it also makes those who vote for him (or even if they simply vote for the ”party”) look like fools as well.
            Much in the same manner as those who continue to vote for the ANC in South Africa.


          3. Bush was awful but Trump is far, far worse and far, far more dangerous. Trump is a childish, self-centered ass who has been given free reign to do whatever he wants, however he wants to whomever he wants whenever he wants by the GOP. Trump will not be leaving office either. He’s stacked the Supreme Court for the very purpose of overthrowing any election result he doesn’t agree with. He’s said so repeatedly of late. He’s going nowhere simply because he will refuse to leave. Our democracy here is done. The next years of Trump’s reign will make the quarter of a million deaths he’s personally responsible for seem like child’s play. However, I hope I’m wrong about all this and the bastard is forced to go in January. I will believe it only when I see it.


    1. go here ..

      click where it says Choose Image. The third ‘box’
      ( mine is in Portugues as my laptop is from Portugal so the wording may be slightly different)
      Click on the image you want and it will take you to the upload page.
      Your uploaded image will be in the top left corner.
      Copy the Direct Link (second line down) and paste it in the comment box here.
      Your image will automnatically appear. Like so.

      If it goes haywire let me know.

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  3. “If scientists were able to date Adam using radiometric dating when he became a living being, they would conclude that he was at or around age 30. In other words, Adam would have all the physical characteristics of a man who has lived for 30-years, even though in actuality, he was less than 1-day old.”

    Saaaay what now? This is so bad it’s hilarious. Did he just pull this out of his behind? Well, I guess that happens in religion I suppose. I would go there and comment but I think “Tildeb” has done a good job of speaking my thoughts and I just can’t be bothered now anyway.

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  4. I once took my Christian sister to visit the area in Alberta called the Badlands. Many dinosaur fossils, including complete skeletons, have been found in the area. We went to the museum to see some of them and the information provided estimated the fossils were over 69 million years old. My sister looked at that and said “That’s just a theory.” Sigh. What can you do?

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  5. still trying to join in again. sigh. I love change. I love change. it makes me stronger.


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