Musical Interlude – Matteo Mancuso

Playing the Jaco Pastorius composition Havona.

This is musicianship of the highest level. Jaw-dropping.




6 thoughts on “Musical Interlude – Matteo Mancuso

  1. As one who does not seem to appreciate the same music as thou, please explain to me why you consider it “jaw-dropping.” I admit the guitar works does seem quite accomplished, but again … what makes it jaw-dropping?


    1. The skill required to play the electric guitar in this fashion with the fingers as opposed to a guitar pick is on another level altogether.

      Mancusso has a backgeround in classical guitar, but he plays across several genres, using this technique.
      The precision and control he exerts. coupled with interpretation is why I consider this jaw dropping.
      And the other two musicians are top notch as well. And all so young! Mancusso is only around 24!
      When I hear people say Eric Clapton is a great guitarist I simply shake my head.


  2. Does he compose, as well?

    Virtuosi are well and good, but there are a great many of them, all the same. Not so many great composers and songwriters, these days.


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