Birds, Cats and stuff

Green Woodhoopoe about to launch from the old gazebo frame.

Photographed 18/9/2020




Fiscal Flycatcher.

Little 2 Hiding from the sun under some corrugated sheeting.

Weaver and Sunbird share some space.

Chicken-proof Lettuce.

Carrots! First success I’ve had growing these!

Red Face Mousebird

Too much Shiraz over lunch? 😉

3 thoughts on “Birds, Cats and stuff

  1. Was that a bird wing (or the remnants of it next to the cat?

    I love the lettuce bags, what a great way to foil the chickens! And those are great looking carrot tops, for sure. Makes me wish I had a garden again, I miss it, but my knees don’t, sadly.


    1. The lettuce ”bags” are 2 litre milk cartons which I ”up cycled”, threaded through their handles with an iron pole and suspended between two trees in the shade.
      The ”bird remnants” next to Little 2’s paw is decomposing vegetation by the look of it.

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