Oh, for gods’ sake!

Over at the Weeflea …..

On a recent post about the failings of evangelical Christianity the Good Pastor was asked by one commenter by the name of Tim:

I am curious David. Could you possibly summarise the problems the mistakes made by the Western church regarding evangelism?

To which he offered a number of reasons, but this one stood out for me.

7) We don’t in reality believe in heaven, hell and the judgement to come.

Note: he could have used  used the words, ‘They’, ‘Some’ or even ‘The Church’, but decided to opt for the  collective We.

So I wrote:

… as you don’t really believe in heaven, hell and judgment, I strongly suspect that , these days, many in the Church,(maybe even the majority) including yourself, I’ll venture, have serious doubts about the tale of the ‘Resurrection’.

To which he duly replied …

Poor Ark – you really don’t grasp or understand what is being said. If it were not for the church modern science would not exist.

Maybe some of  you lot would  ask him what he means as the condescension mixed with the BS even my garden can’t tolerate!

Reformers Bookcast: Secularism & The Church

You don’t need to listen to the video – it will only give you indigestion.


24 thoughts on “Oh, for gods’ sake!

  1. I’ve occasionally seen the claim made that science wouldn’t exist if not for Christianity. I don’t know what they mean by this, and don’t care either. Given the church’s track record, it’s a bit like saying cities wouldn’t exist without aerial bombing.

    There was a considerable amount of what qualifies as “science” by any rational definition going on in Babylon and the Hellenistic Greek world before the alleged time of Jesus.

    His statement also implies that if there are intelligent aliens on other planets, they can never develop science, since they presumably don’t have Christianity.

    Science is simply a systematic way of making deductions about reality from available evidence. Its development was inevitable because it’s the only valid way of understanding reality.

    The fact that these people are capable of spouting random nonsense doesn’t obligate us to spend any effort on trying to tease out exactly what they mean by it, much less argue about it on their (incoherent) terms.

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  2. Well, since ALL of science is based on the premise that Jesus returned from the dead and prayer is THE most effective medicine, I guess the good pastor has a very serious, inerrant point, right? 😀 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG!! HAHAHAHA…sorry, I just peed, alot, in my pants from laughing so hard. Gotta go jump in the shower.

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    1. Jeff/IBTD1… Sometimes it drives one bat-sheet crazy playing their Whack-a-Mole games on their carnival merry-go-rounds breaking down and deciphering HOW they go from an antiquated, flawed, amputated, and heavily Hellenized (not Jewish or even true Second Temple Judaism/Messianism as the actual caricature of Yeshua bar Yosef was) Canonical 4th-century CE Greek New Testament! It’s utter insanity to attempt to explain to them that all of their “original sources” are NOT original, much less reliable with little veracity! HAH!!! 😆

      Hell, Christians don’t even know exactly what Hebrew dialect or Aramaic dialect Jesus spoke 3-4 decades AFTER his execution!!! There’s not much to gain trying to discuss actual history with them… they can’t comprehend the fact that Greek-Hellenized Earliest Church Fathers—none of them Jewish in the least!—dictated their Greek NT! Jeeeezzbus H. Christmas, go find another Supernova over Bethlehem. hehehe 😈

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      1. Correction above, sorry.

        “…don’t even know exactly what Hebrew dialect or Aramaic dialect Jesus spoke when alive because their presumed source is no earlier than 3-4 decades old, AFTER his execution… and worse still their Synoptic Gospels are even OLDER Hellenized testaments!!!

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  3. Here let me fix the narrative ark, Flees aside.

    Science is mans attempt to decipher creation. Some do a better job than others, but most men miserably fail.

    Heck, with all the alleged modern ‘science,’ so called professionals cannot agree on tomorrow’s weather forecast.

    I planned a roofing project once. ZERO chance of rain was the forecast a day earlier.

    It poured of course. ‘Science’ in the hands and minds of certain people, is a joke, hence the stupidity of ‘millions and millions’ of years and proof.


    1. “I planned a roofing project once.”

      OOOOOOHHHHHH! @CryingGame has a personal anecdote about unreliable weather forecasters — posing as nasty scientists — letting him down. BOO-HOO-HOO!

      The only thing you can bet your house on is the Holy Bible, that inspired collection of peasant wisdom, folksy morality tales and amazingly accurate prophecies.

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      1. Sorry Chris/
        Nothing nasty about them at all, probably fine people just like you.

        Merely pointing out the technology available and promoted by ‘meteorologists’ is just about useless. Science is oh so overrated- but I agree that this point has veered from the topic at hand.


      2. 😄 Now now Chris, don’t be presenting such rational, intelligent logic to myth-n-faith Believers and their DC-Marvel comics called the Greek (not of Yeshua bar Yosef) New Testament! 😉 😛


    2. CS:

      wrt roofing project: why didn’t you pop along to the local padre/cleric and get him to ask on your behalf? Surely there can be no better~?

      Or if they don’t do mundane things like that, then nothing beats the Power Of Prayer? If only they’d prayed on your behalf …

      But if God already had the day booked down for rain … what are you complaining about? (If, of course, you actually are complaining, rather than simply making a point.)

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  4. Ark, I’m a lot more interested in the Premier League this AM and PM than Pastor WeeWeeFlee all the way home. 😉 It’s a cornucopia of goals and phenomenal defense in this L’pool vs. Leeds United match!!! 😄 Our “Beautiful Game” is so much more enjoyable than Robertson’s utter non-sense. He will no longer approve my comments—doesn’t care in the least to allow equitable discourse on the yawn-inducing subjects he posts about. I’ll leave you to it over there my footballing Friend.

    At least ColonStorm or ColorfulSprinkles up above volunteers his pseudo comical theology for us and stops by here, Nan’s, and some others in our WordPress circles—but I’m not exactly sure why CS can never stay on topic, much less answer very simple questions addressed to him. 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️😄


      1. Yes. Was glad to see that result as I’m sure you are too. 😉 It has been a very quick turnaround from the last, abbreviated interrupted season. Wonder how that will play into all the club’s fitness and then injuries?


  5. You take that guy seriously? Why?

    These days unless they get in my face I leave ’em alone (except in my blog). An intelligent discussion with a religioso is like having an intelligent discussion with a beach pebble (or more normally, with something a diseased dog might leave in the park).

    The sad thing that makes the attempt necessary is they ‘spread the word’, and the under educated unthinking accept the bluster as confidence and their ‘word’ as truth.
    Rather than demolish their wannabe argument Realists should be teaching the young how to think for themselves; and do our best to provide an environment in which they can do just that—without fear of retribution by outraged indoctrinees.

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  6. Of course CS picks on one minor issue to make a point about the massive scientific world. His oversight is that everything he uses, the medicines and technological devices that keep him informed, amused, alive and in good health is due to modern science. If no scientists existed and we all prayed to God instead for our existence we would still be shuffling around in loin cloths and sandals until an early painful death.

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