23 thoughts on “Please take a few minutes and listen to this TED talk.

      1. No topic is taboo for me anyway.

        I have a friend who raises lambs, bees, and others, and I purchase her roasts once a year. I suppose she does it right/ lanolin/ wool/ meat.


          1. Surely u welcome comments that are opposite? Isn’t this the obvious when blogging?

            Anyway, I need not justify anything any more than you need to justify an apple diet.


          2. I most certainly do encourage dialogue.

            Anyway, I need not justify anything

            This is because there is no justification for eating other animals.


          3. When there are readily available food sources that are more beneficial nutritionally what possible justification can you offer for killing and eating other animals?


          4. Here’s a good answer, hope you appreciate the candor.

            I could cite thousands of achievements, but one that is highly favored is scoring the elusive white tail deer with a bow from ground level. Very very difficult.

            In the US, where deer are killed by vehicles, people killed trying to avoid them, and the inability of certain areas to supply enough food for them- it makes sense to cull the herd.

            But to hunt that crafty animal, according to the rules of fair chase, and the leather hides I tanned myself- as well as the tasty venison, well, for some people, no defense is needed.


          5. Can I suggest you expand your horizons and visit the thousands of web sites in general, and the State Game Commissions in particular- that promote environmental responsibility and conservation- while SUPPORTING legal game seasons.

            Visit Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota’s state funded sites.

            You may learn of the necessity to thin deer herds. You will learn of the multi faceted arms enjoyed by thousands of big and small businesses/ supported by good people who respect wildlife, conservation, and who follow all applicable laws.

            Then again, maybe u think a deer has more right to life than humans? ER’s are filled with people who are in critical condition- some die- because they swerved to miss Bambi/

            Please do some research instead of dismissing. The Great Outdoors is far more than paddling a canoe- oops- should I mention the ‘killing‘ of a brook trout?


          6. This is a similar argument used by people to justify killing certain African animals.
            One reason why the western black rhino and northern white rhinos have recently become extinct in the wild.

            And culling is not the same as killing animals for sport.

            Furthermore, there would not be such issues if humans did not continually encroach on natural habitat.
            So, I reiterate, you hunt for sport , which is barbaric, and eat other animals which is unjustifiable


    1. Why are there so few comments? Because vegans approach their diet with the same puritanical zeal as Christian fundamentalists approach their religious beliefs — which shuts the door to any further dialogue. And I say this as someone who is mostly vegetarian.

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      1. I give people the road Ron, even if I disagree. Eating ‘meat’ does not make one better, nor does veganism make one less, and vice versa.

        My zeal though is tempered with the understanding that not all are at the same mile markets in life.

        For instance, I do not know why people would build a mansion, thinking that the foundation actually ‘moves’ when they are not looking, but heh, that’s me.

        I hardly ever talk bout food though, I find it boring, but while blogging we can air our gripes.


        1. IDK, CS. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions provide ample evidence that the “foundations” of earth are constantly shaking. As to why people would build mansions there: reasons.


          1. Shaking Ron true enough. But ‘spinning and orbiting’ are another conversation entirely; a discussion in which Kilimanjaro would agree with yours truly.

            But I keep waiting for others (even in these blog parts) to offer evidence and write some posts, but I still wait.


  1. I hunt evangelicals for sport. And no, it’s not barbaric. Instead, think of it as a public service. True, I don’t eat them — I just play with them, like a cat, and then kill them. Cruel, but that’s nature.

    I have @CustardSlop’s head stuffed and mounted on my living room wall, as a trophy, where visitors can point and laugh.

    Strangely, the head goes on talking — mostly Bible quotes and Flat-Earth nonsense.🤔

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    1. You get bonus points for creativity Chris, but unfortunately you get deductions for thinking that K-2 or Everest are rattled from their foundations.

      But you have digressed, not I.


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