Perspective: A Whiter Shade of Pale or maybe A Tale Untold?

This post was inspired by Helen over at Photophile

You may have guessed – if you’re old enough or know your music – that the title refers to the well known song by Procol Harem, which Helen has included in her current Perspective post.

If you really know your music you will recognise the connection with my post – an old concert ticket to watch Robin Trower. And you can tell me.

If you don’t, I’ll answer in the comments.



16 thoughts on “Perspective: A Whiter Shade of Pale or maybe A Tale Untold?

  1. £1.25 a ticket! Those were the days.
    The Free Trade Hall is now a top-of-the-range Radisson Hotel. We were booked for an overnight as a treat but COVID-19 put paid to that. I’ve been in for a look. They’ve preserved some of what was there.

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  2. I’m assuming that Robin Trower ticket is yours Ark? I cannot see any perforated tear/rip or entrance stamp… so we could assume that you are a tad late for his concert? Did you forget how to get to Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Ark? 🤭

    Btw, I have never heard of Robin Trower. Sorry.

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    1. Yes, the ticket is mine.
      I made the gig on time, trust me. Went with an old girlfriend who was at teacher training college in Manchester.
      She’d never heard of Trower either and I can’t remember if she enjoyed the concert or not.
      I know I did!
      The connection?
      Trower was the guitarist for Procol Harem ( and played on Whiter Shade of Pale), and my blog title – A Tale Unfolds – is a play on one of Trower’s songs, A Tale Untold.
      So now you know.

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    1. I don’t remember Whiter Shade when it was first released but I do remember hearing it played over and over at a campsite when I went on a YMCA sponsored student exchange to France in ’72.


  3. Good post and musical choice, Ark. Real six degrees of separation stuff.

    The title “A Tale Untold” made me think of Macbeth’s “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” which of course immediately made me think of @ColorStorm’s blog and his frequent comments at this site.

    So everything really is fundamentally interconnected, in its way.🤔

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