13 thoughts on “Having your cake and …

        1. My comment is still in moderation. I hope it helps?
          In fact left two comments as my first one identified the wrong species. She is in the States, yes?
          If so, then the insect is likely a species known as a Clearwing Hummingbird Moth


  1. When is she going to make a cake wearing a mask? With a message saying “wear a mask! ” I bet it would create huge publicity for the business. The picture might even go viral…


    1. Good question. No. Very good question, and what an excellent suggestion. I shall ask her over lunch.

      Might be a good piece of marketing and a public health message.

      As ‘they’ say: Watch this space.

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        1. Yes, I understand. I mentioned your idea a few moments ago in the kitchen. She likes it and will think about baking a cake.
          She did bake a ‘lockdown cake’ a short while ago but no mask was involved.
          If one turns up I will post photos.

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