Eating other animnals …

If there was a sudden global outbreak of foot and mouth disease, swine flu  and bird flu, including a massive increase in the levels of mercury in fish and other seafood with long term projections and extremely high risk factors would  you consider going vegetarian or would you accept the health risks and continue to eat meat?




19 thoughts on “Eating other animnals …

        1. It doesn’t HAVE to be, but I’d bet dollars for donuts you’d go after anyone who commented on my blog and claimed they were ”nearly an atheist.”

          If you hardly eat meat then why not eat none at all?

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    1. Do I understand from the tone of your reply you would not consider giving up eating other animals, Beverly? Or have I misunderstood your comment? If so I apologize.
      One can grow vegetables at home of course. That way you will know what you put in the soil.
      And if you don’t have the space of the means there are +plenty of organic farmers that will supply you with healthy non-toxic fruit and veg. Just takes a bit of effort to source, that’s all.

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  1. I stopped eating meat years ago, so this isn’t a real issue for me. I’d note only that the conditions in Chinese wet markets, American meat-processing plants, and similar abominations around the world are generating a continuous stream of new diseases that jump from animals to humans — because vast numbers of animals are jammed together in hideously-unhealthy conditions and in close contact with humans (and eventually are eaten by humans). Most of these diseases are contained before they spread globally; covid-19 happened to be so infectious that that wasn’t possible. The next one could easily be even worse.

    So the dangers you describe actually exist already, just in a sporadic and unpredictable form.

    And this is going to keep on happening as long as people keep on eating meat anywhere in the world. Even if Europe and the Americas went completely vegetarian, if meat-eating continued in, say, Africa or China, there would still be the risk of new diseases erupting and spreading globally.

    I’ve done what I can, but meat-eaters are not just endangering themselves, they’re endangering me. So I have no sympathy.

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    1. Scary, isn’t it?

      I’ve mentioned several times when blogging on this topic I stopped eating other animals for ethical reasons.
      All the other things I learned about – and am still learning – afterwards.

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  2. there’s always something to worry about, Ark. It makes me smile as there are lots of vegans where we live but in one breath they are against killing animals for food and we should all eat vegetables and the next they are complaining about commercial farming of fruit and vegetable and acres of greenhouses ruining the countryside. they can’t have their cake and eat it 🙂 They are idealists. Then there are all the pesticides and insecticides …


    1. It seems odd that ‘they’ would complain about the very thing they are advocating – eating a plant based diet.
      I am also a they and I abhor the unnecessary slaughter of animals primarily to satisfy our taste buds.
      Why would they complain about the countryside being ruined by the production of fruit and vegetables when considerably more land is required – to graze livestock – including forest clearance in some areas – and to produce the food (grain for example) to feed these animals?

      Then there are diseases to consider.
      Swine flu comes to mind,avian influenza or bird flu, a human version of mad cow disease called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Oh, and of course Covid 19.

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    1. Organic farming is the way to go, and it has been demonstrated again and again that trying to undermine nature has disastrous knock-on effects. Just consider what pesticides have done to the bee populations across the globe?
      It is simply a matter of the right attitude which will determine altitude.
      More grain is grown to feed domestic farm animals that are then slaughtered and eaten than is grown for human consumption. This is a fact.
      It is a crazy situation.
      And in the end, it’s all about satisfying taste buds and pandering to those who raise animals for consumption.
      Every argument put forward regarding any sort of need for eating meat can be shown to be fallacious, while there are numerous studies showing the detrimental effects on our health from eating meat.
      Just as we are moving toward a world where fossil fuels and their use will one day become obsolete, it makes much more sense health-wise and economically to move toward a plant based diet.


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