25 thoughts on “Life of Pie … and other things

    1. Emily will be doing the baking. She promised! I have no idea how they are cooked to be honest. I’ll ask and post tomorrow.
      I took the photo just after I rinsed the berries and removed all the green ones soon after. But I did not know that unripe berries were semi-poisonous. Thanks for the heads up.

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    2. Oooooo! 😲 Would… would Emily have cause to… umm…

      “Rub out,” whack, eliminate, remove from the Garden-of-Paradise equation the famous Arkesatan!? What could Doug possibly have done to upset Emily so much to bake his FINAL pie!??? Inquiring minds want to know. 🧐

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      1. As it was moi wot planted the gooseberries in the first place, I am hardly likely to be the instrument of my own demise, now am I?
        Besides, if I did keel over and kick the bucket you would be the first one I’d come back and haunt.

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          1. No. How could you inflict me on the poor woman? She has done nothing to deserve such a punishment. Good grief!
            Unlike you, she is a dear blog pal.
            And the next time me and mine go to Portugal on our hols I shall pop in and say ”bom dia”.

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          2. Ah, well… my sincerest apologies to the Lady of Portugal. 🀭 She CERTAINLY doesn’t deserve that level of torture.

            The thought jumped into my head—connecting Portugal to your lovely wife—and it wouldn’t come back out. Apparently it was a jumbled-up circus in the Professor’s Cranium Fun-house of the Bizarre & Incomprehensible-ness. πŸ˜‰ Forgive me Sir?

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    3. Asked Ems this afternoon. She has no idea either as she has never cooked one of these pies before. I looked at a couple of recipes online and they do cook them.
      Come Sunday it will be a voyage of discovery for all of us!

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