9 thoughts on “Night Sky

  1. So the Moon in the foreground, Saturn above it (middle) about 745.78m miles away, then Jupiter above it (top) about 386m miles away? The order in which you wrote the celestial bodies here? πŸ€”

    I mean, you COULD have labeled the three in your picture, Ark. Yes? Well, maybe not the Moon. Lol


    1. Oh! Totally off topic here, but thought you might be a bit interested in how Dallasites and its surrounding suburbia fans totally EFFED our pro soccer team in the upcoming MLS (season-saving) tournament. Check it out…


      Now, for many Dallas sports fans this isn’t a big deal—most Texans love only ONE sport: college & NFL football. What these sports fans do not realize—and I guarantee they don’t Ark—is that the exact same thing can and WILL happen for their Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers (MLB) if they don’t freakin WAKE THA F*CK UP and get dead serious about COVID-19 and doing all precautions to stop the current skyrocketing resurge of it! But Ark, I honestly do not put that much faith in these Texans to have that much intelligence, let alone the compassion, courtesy, and kindness for others in their community and city.

      So mark my words right here, right now… There is a very good chance North Texans will EFF-UP the Cowboys and Rangers season openers. Hope I am wrong. πŸ˜’

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      1. πŸ˜† Have you forgotten where I reside and where I’m from? 🀠 There’s only ONE star that matters in the Universe and to God Almighty Arkesatan, and that’s The Lone Star State!

        And I had a big crush on my 2nd-grade science teacher. 😈


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