Musical Interlude. Mr. Ziggy Stardust.


Probably my favorite piece of music by Bowie. I never got the chance to see him live, which hurts a bit,  and had not seen this version before.

Simply marvelous.

And here’s the studio version which featured Nile Rogers on rhythm guitar and the great Stevie Ray Vaughn on lead.

*Sigh* Where have all the flowers gone?



21 thoughts on “Musical Interlude. Mr. Ziggy Stardust.

  1. 1973 and my first gig as a 16yr old crazy Bowie fan the ‘Aladdin Sane’ tour at Norwich Theatre Royal, something never to be forgotten even with a failing brain.
    Must say I really went off his music when he switched to the ‘disco’ style, there were one or two later tracks I quite liked but nothing could touch those first few albums.

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    1. A memory to cherish, Mister B. And you got to see the great Mick Ronson as well! What a treat.
      While this is probably my favorite song, Ziggy Stardust is my favorite album.
      A true professional and brilliant artist.
      It’s a bit distressing seeing him smoking here considering what he died of.

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      1. Mick Ronson, Woody Woodmansey and Terry Boulder, the Spiders from Mars. So many great tracks on Ziggy Stardust, my favourite ‘Rock ‘n Roll Suicide’. Loved the way Bowie would kill off his image then re-invent himself. It made you think why do that when you’ve made it big, but the next incarnation got you hooked. I was sad when he went down the disco route but what the hell he could do as he wanted, and did.
        Sadly I always remember him as a heavy smoker, guess that was how it was back then (I was on twenty a day) and he paid the ultimate price. Others drunk or od’d themselves to death, there always seemed to be something fatalistic about rock stars.


    1. Could be! The car registration numbers all end with GP – Gauteng Province. There other suburbs that have jacaranda trees.
      Never heard of this kid ( Wow, Doug, like that is so surprising!) but maybe I’ll see if I can find where the video was filmed.


          1. Well, considering it’s 600 plus km to the beach I think I would be suicidal should I have to listen to it all the way. Can’t find where this was filmed, btw.

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          2. Cape Town is his home and a couple of videos were filmed in Johannesburg.
            While the shot you mentioned does look like it could been taken in Observatory there are a few suburbs round here that look similar – with Jacarandas.

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