Oink, Meow, Cluck,Woof, Baa, Moo!

Many of the nation’s most routine animal farming practices would be illegal if perpetrated against cats and dogs.

Jonathan Lovvorn, Chief Counsel, The Humane Society of the United States

Opposing speciesism doesn’t mean treating all species the same in all situations—rather, it means not using an individual’s species as the basis for harming or protecting them. If it’s wrong to kill a dog for food, then it’s also wrong to kill a chicken or pig, as there are no significant differences in their desire to avoid fear and death.


It’s hard to comprehend how horrible slaughterhouses are—both for animals and humans—without visiting one.

To make the most profit, killing and disassembling animals must move quickly and many animals end up being conscious through much of the process.

Pause for  few moments to consider that sentence. 

Cows can have their hooves cut off and hides ripped off before they’re finished dying. Pigs often enter the scalding tank while still alive.

The question is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor, ‘Can they talk?’ but, ‘Can they suffer?’

I’m not going to provide the link ( unless asked to do so) because such things just do my head in, especially the images. I will add however …

If you’ve ever found yourself moaning about Chinese wet markets, or the fact many Chinese still eat dogs, or you’ve got angry about fox hunting,  or poaching …. while eating steak, chicken, pork or lamb etc maybe it’s time to have a re-think about what you are eating and what those animals went through?

Just a thought.



31 thoughts on “Oink, Meow, Cluck,Woof, Baa, Moo!

  1. One morning in the late 1930s, the biologist Adolph Murie stood near a game trail in Yellowstone National Park and watched a passing coyote joyously toss a sprig of sagebrush in the air with its mouth, adroitly catch it, and repeat the act every few yards. At the time, Mr. Murie was conducting a federal study intended to prove, definitively, that the coyote was “the archpredator of our time.” But Mr. Murie, whose work ultimately exonerated the animals, was more impressed by that sprig-tossing — proof, he believed, of the joy a wild coyote took in being alive in the world” (1 min video)

    Cows and other “farmed” animals are no different if allowed to experience life, they will surprise you. Slaughterhouses are a travesty.

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      1. Cows and pigs are about the same intelligence as horses and dogs. Why is there a difference in the way they are treated? Part of the problem too, is meat now comes in a package. And meat is a harmful addiction here in the US. A gross amount, much more than is needed is wasted (if it were needed at all)

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        1. Agreed.
          There is no scientific/health reason to eat animals, and certainly no moral justification.
          The B12 story has been refuted,
          Once I had decided to stop we simply went to the shops, bought a whole load of pre-packed vegan food: pies, burgers etc and that was that. End of story … or the beginning of whole new chapter!

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          1. Been 2-1/2 years for me and the wife. We’ve been supporting an older couple through end of life care for the lady, and cooking for them here at the cabin. My wife cooked pork ribs the other day and it stinks. I thought it was rotten, but I guess it always smelled that way.

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        1. Damn. I was hoping it opened out into some kind of meeting hall … so if you want a badger dinner you have to block both ends?


  2. It is something to think about but where do we draw the line..Trees ‘talk’ to each other and plants grow better when we talk to them. ???


    1. You have a point you wish to make Beverly?
      I presume you would not consider eating your pet dog or cat, so why would you eat a pig or cow?


    2. IN the face of perfectly acceptable and more viable, and ecologically friendlier alternative sources of food, do you, Beverly think the suffering they experience is in any way justifiable simply to satisfy your taste buds?

      As I know that you will receive notification of this comment-please do not ”run away” and hide. I would appreciate an answer.


    3. Reminds me of that song “I talked to the treeeees …”

      which I believe finishes

      “… and then they locked me away~!”

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    1. Really why even bother with that, John? If anyone cared to try a burger bun loaded with fresh veggies and all the fixins…? Its still a very good sandwich, maybe even better. I really don’t think culturing meat is worth the time and effort. Pretending to ear meat? Hahha. Sounds kinda pathetic. Or am i missing something?


  3. Now that we’re allowed out to play I must pop into Queens Park and see if my favourite ‘Old Man Pine’ is still there. I hate to think of him all alone and pining away …

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    1. When I was a meat eater I never really gave the source of the meat a second thought, and certainly not how it was procured. I suspect it is because we don’t stop to consider this fact that we are able to eat other animals with a relatively clear conscience.
      It’s probably all about conditioning.
      I hope you give it some more thought.


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