For Ron …

The great Larry Carlton plays the solos.

The guitar solo by jazz fusion guitarist Larry Carlton was ranked #80 in the list of the 100 greatest guitar songs by Rolling Stone, stating “In the late seventies, Steely Dan made records by pushing a revolving crew of monster session dudes through take after take, which yielded endless jaw-dropping guitar solos. Larry Carlton’s multi-sectioned, cosmic-jazz lead in this cut may be the best of all: It’s so complex it’s a song in its own right



4 thoughts on “For Ron …

  1. There’s a musician with his own YouTube channel, Rick Beato, who considers Carlton’s solo one of the greatest ever. The way it builds, phrase by phrase — or lick-by-lick — the modulations, etc.

    Beato deconstructs the song, then puts it back together again. The magic is not dispelled, but somehow left intact, despite the music-nerd breakdown.

    I love that whole album. It’s so rich.

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  2. Excellent! I owned every Steely Dan album and played them frequently. Got “reeled in” by Elliott Randall’s lead guitar and Rick Derringer’s slide work on “Show Biz Kids”.

    The former has his own YT channel with a bunch of “On the Couch” videos featuring David Spinozza and Mick Abrahams (Jethro Tull).

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  3. Nice lead work. But what really sets it apart is the sound, the tone, the marriage of tube amplification, the knowing how to set the knobs, and the player who can articulate some nasty leadwork. When it’s done well you know it the instant you hear it.


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