5 thoughts on “Oh, for God’s sake!

  1. It occurs to me that people gravitate toward ideas such as presented in the vid NOT because they are true- but simply because the human heart in all its corners, AGREES with such things.

    There MUST be companions on that sinking ship, so we can pretend we enjoy the violins while we drown.

    The 5000 loave thing was just so darn stupid which misses on so many levels. Haven’t you ever been to a spur of the moment event where people didn’t have a raisin between them? Life isn’t always as planned as Google pretends.

    Anyway, it’s people like these comedians who only make me 10 times more resolute in the history of the scriptures/ and it’s accuracy in forthtelling the plots of men in the darkness of night.

    Fortunately, ‘letvthere be light.’ Hmmm. Light. Wonder where THAT came from. Maybe a comedian can make jokes pretending to know.


    1. Funny isn’t it? In Matthew 14 the disciples see feed a crowd of 5000 by turning five loaves and two fish into a feast. Yet in the very next chapter his disciples are once again perplexed about how they’ll feed a second crowd of 4000 with just seven loaves and a few fish. It’s like they have amnesia, or something. Perhaps he should have given them a better memory.

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