Watch the Birdy

An excited call from my son had me grabbing my camera.

Gymnogene or African Harrier Hawk.

What a treat this was!

Photographed atop one of the trees across the road.

Some of you may remember me posting a couple of shots of one of these magnificent raptors being harried by a Pied Crow a while back?

This time there were was no crow to worry about!

Not the best shot, I’m afraid but not too bad considering the poor light and the distance.


28 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy

  1. Not the best shot“? WTH Ark! It looks pretty effin great to me, worthy of the cover of National Geographic you silly, retired hooligan Redder of Anfield! Give yourself some credit you L’pooler sittin’ atop the Table of the world’s most competitive league! Geeezzzz. πŸ™„πŸ€­

    I do indeed remember that shot of a crow acting all big and tough. Protecting chicklins or fledglings from the fierce predator I’d imagine, right?


    1. Well, thank you kind sir. It would have turned out better if the bird had sat a little longer.
      I was still a bit out of breath from grabbing the camera, legging it outside and yelling to my son…. ”Where is it!”

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  2. Lovely shot. But if you want a real challenge, photograph a New Zealand fantail~! We have a couple working our hedge (the white-eyes seems to have moved on) and they provoke an awesome amount of naughty words from this guy’s camera. Perhaps I should cheat, movie them and remove a still of two …

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    1. Oh oh! The games are afoot! The Kiwi has laid down the challenge. The crowd goes “Oooooooo!” and gasps. What will Arkesatan’s retort be?

      (Que the waiting Jeopardy show tune…)


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