Just for a laugh

Sunday school class.

Teacher: ”I would like to end the lesson with a prayer Jesus taught us.”

Pupil turns to friend and says: ”I never knew Jesus had a tortoise.”



22 thoughts on “Just for a laugh

  1. And, there is the small fact that there is only one prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. So, that lesson ending can only be used once … or … the kids will be bored.

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    1. What do you expect for a Friday afternoon?
      Sheesh … Besides, the barometer fell through the floor last night and it’s bloody freezing over here.

      I suppose I could have added … And the tortoise said: ”Lettuce pray.”

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  2. In the Catholic church there a prayer that begins, “Hail Mary” and the first line is, “Hail Mary full of grace, the lord is with thee”
    which is nice.
    However, at one point I suddenly started hearing “Hail Mary, full of grapes, the Lord is Willie” and have never been able to hear it any other way.

    There is also “Our father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name’.

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  3. A teacher of RI was worried. The school inspectors were visiting the next day and he had the roughest class in school. He got his mate, a very clever engineer, to rig up pins under the seats connected to a control panel at his desk. Next day the inspectors duly arrived.
    “Tommy, who was nailed to the cross?” asked the teacher pressing the button for Tommy’s chair “Jesus Christ!!!” exclaimed Tommy.
    “And Mary where do we go if we have been naughty?” pressed the button, “Bloody hell!!” shouted Mary.
    “Johnny what did Eve say to Adam in the garden of Eden?” Johnny had been noticing what was going on and twigged the pin, he jumped up “You stick that thing up my ar*e and I’ll smack you one!”
    No? Too crude? I’ll get my coat.

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  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! 😀 here’s one translated “ad-hoc”(en vitesse!) from French: 🙂

    God meets Prez Obama and trump; he asks them the same question: what do you believe in?… Prez Obama answers: freedom, democracy, progress, solidarity, equality, economic development, immediate action against global warming… God stops him and invites him to sit on his right, when suddenly, trump, instead of answering his question, yells at God:”hey dude, you’re sitting in my place!!!” 😀
    * * *
    have a cheerful weekend, Monsieur Ark! 🙂

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