19 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali: ‘Why is everything white?’

          1. Progress? Hmm …
            As Michael Parkinson was probably wearing flared trousers when this interview was recorded, I’m pretty sure neither the BBC or Boris Johnson would be that reckless.

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    1. That’s an eye opener. I never met/heard of anyone who hated Ali. Some may have considered him an arrogant SOB, but hated him?
      He was , of course, also a brilliant boxer.


      1. Oh, they HATED Cassius Clay! They REFUSED to call him Ali. Said, to me, he was a coward to refuse to go to Viet Nam, and they HATED when he changed his name to Ali. Racism and bigotry are signs of diseased and idiotic minds, which my parents had. AND, they were devout, loving Christians who loved Nixon and thought Kennedy ASKED to be shot with his radical, leftist ideas. Welcome to my America and my family. THIS is why I’m an atheist and a guy who farts inappropriately whenever he can. 🙂

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  1. That’s why they called him “the Greatest” it wasn’t just for his boxing ability although that alone was enough, he was classy in so many other ways. Yes, they tried to make him out to be a coward for refusing to fight “the Enemy” in Vietnam, but he knew the enemy of his people was right here in the USA. The same thing is being said of Colin Kaepernick but nobody calls Trump a coward for faking his “bone Spur” injury to avoid serving his country.

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  2. I don’t know much about Clay/Ali and or his ‘warfare’ issues. I do remember him being quoted as saying “I got nothin’ against them Viet Congs” …

    For myself even now he raises a plethora of issues, and good luck to him. Possibly sitting safe in the arms of Abraham (oh dear … another Jesus reject).


    1. I think he was a Mussulman (not to be confused with muscleman), so he’s now enjoying those 72 raisins promised to the followers of the other “good” book.

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  3. what a good clip.
    i remember they used to teach us in church our sins would be washed white as snow. at that time snow made no sense to us having seen no snow to begin with. And the imagery was all white. I should have noted when I was young this religion was not for us.

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    1. White as snow is an analogy from cooler climates.
      What do they use in other places—white as inside a coconut? White as the breaking surf?

      As for that religion … as a male of the species I’d much prefer to be an Islamist (all those wives and female slaves; and Islamic states must be a paedo paradise-on-earth (marry ’em at six, legally get right into banging ’em (with God’s enthusiastic blessing) at age nine) if such appealed to me. Sadly for the Imams, I’m happily married and content with my atheist lot. And no, little girls don’t tempt me … go to Arabia for that.


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