Having your cake and …


Emily’s Cakes

I’ve been off the boil when it comes to posting new cake stuff. I’ll see if I can catch up on some of the work that has gone out over the past couple of months.

For those who might be interested to see ”the artist” at work, here’s a speeded up 7 min. video of a cake that was finished last weekend. This one is a real treat, believe me!

Cake Video




27 thoughts on “Having your cake and …

      1. Not really a big deal. I can live without seeing it. But thanks for changing that to a youtube video, which I am now watching. Quite impressive.


  1. yep, me too. Nice photo of some good lookin’ dude named Douglas Stewart Pearce, but it covers up the cake…
    Ir’s okay, we got to see the very beginning…not your fault. Facebook is a greedy program.

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      1. Did you take the picture with your phone? If so, you should be able to transfer it to your computer and then upload it from there to your blog.


          1. I’m able to see it because, as you know, I’m on FB. I’m just offering a suggestion for people who visit your blog and are NOT of FB. It can be done fairly easily if you used your phone to take the video.

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  2. er. which one is it, hon? I just typed in Emily’s cakes and it seems that every woman named emily decorates cakes on You Tube…unless those are all her?


          1. I shall pass on you recommendation and your compliment.
            Perhaps I could get her to start off by painting the shed? You know, as a sort of trial run. Get the hang of brushes and turps and what have you?

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          2. Point her to Maria’s blog. Her chunky spatula style might give Em some ideas. And Leonid Afremov, his work is out of this world (pic below). He has heaps of You Tube video’s too, which is great to see how he does it.

            And you, you get out and buy her a few canvases and stuff.

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          3. I will mention your suggestions.
            She was happy and humbled by your comment btw. Not so much when I suggested she start with the shed.
            If she expresses any serious interest then I’ll be fully on board, as I usually am with most things my children do.
            For now, her current ”art projects” – which are all part of the business – take up more time and energy than you can imagine.
            Free time? Yeah, right…

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