Bits and Bobs from Back Then

White Bellied Sunbird

Flower Crab Spider on Cabbage Flower

Hillbrow Post Office Tower

2 planes

Hover fly

Striped Policeman


Plane Moon

Cape Robin Chat

Jacarandas in bloom. Young Avenue, Johannesburg


29 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs from Back Then

    1. All good. Don’t worry. Doing a biggish job of garden re-modelling at the moment and come the end of the day I am pretty dog tired. So, yes, in effect I have run out of steam! Shoveling dirt has a way of draining one’s creativity after a while.
      But, appreciate the concern,Judy. Sweet of you.

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      1. I ask, because I know several people , myself included, who have drifted sideways on their blogs, and some of them just kept drifting.

        Good to know you’re doing garden stuff. Mine is a mess and will be unless I can rent a new back and a new set of knees and maybe a tank of energy to keep it all moving.

        Gettin’ old, and it’s a long way down to that flower bed these days, and a longer way back up.

        we expect pictures, of course, when the remodeling is done. But you knew that.

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        1. The back predicament is one I am very familiar with. Fortunately my knees are still doing fine!
          The re-modelling involves clearing around 300sq metres of overgrown land.
          We haven’t decided what we will do with it once it has been returned to it’s original state but a wall is definitely involved. Maybe a purpose built vegetable garden? We’ll see….
          It will take a while, but I have no immediate plans of abandoning my blog.

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  1. Are you getting any white-eyes, or is it just us suffering a dearth thereof? Love that avenue … is it home?


    1. I have seen/been aware of very few birds in general. From time to time I hear the White Eyes but haven’t seen any in a while.
      I am reliably informed I need to haul my arse out of bed earlier!
      Young Avenue is not our street. It’s about half a mile away.
      There are a number of Streets/Avenues in our suburb that are similarly adorned in this fashion.
      One can admire and acknowledge the foresight that went into the planning/planting as it is unlikely those responsible would have been alive to fully appreciate the trees.

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  2. I love to garden…landscaping..not fruit or veggies…I love Jacaranda trees and in S Fla are Royal Jacaranda, but bright red and there are yellow Poincianas too

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    1. I enjoy both. I like the idea of providing food for the table and though my efforts are still meagre there’s nothing quite like homegrown.
      I only wish I had been as enthusiastic twenty or thirty years ago! Things tend to creak more these days! 🙂


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