Time to Stamp this out!

A couple of years ago my  rather talented photographer brother Gerry won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in the category, Bird Behaviour.

He recently discovered that one of his photographs has been chosen for the $1.10 Australian Postage Stamp.

How cool is that?

Well done, bro. Super proud of you!



24 thoughts on “Time to Stamp this out!

  1. no, she’s right. You sell yourself short, Ark. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.
    I used to collect stamps, still have them in fact–and that is so cool to know someone related to someone who (sort of) has his own stamp.
    and congrats to your brother, too. =)

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    1. I really appreciate the compliment, Judy.
      However, in this case it was a question of the images being considered and relevant personnel chose from what was available.
      If ever there is an opportunity for me to submit for the chance of a stamp, I shall!

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  2. Hello Ark. Well done to your brother, but I agree with the others, you have taken some stunning photographs. Some of your spider photos have nearly scared me into wetting my self in a very undignified manner. Other photos you have taken have given me the opportunity to learn about species and the things they do I never even though to ask before. I have a far greater respect, if not tolerance, to insect life from exposure to photos. Hugs

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  3. Great comment on Pastor Dave’s latest post, by the way, “Ash” [sic].

    I could hear a klaxon of cognitive dissonance going off in my suburb in Melbourne. I thought “where’s that coming from?”

    Turned out to be from Sydney, 700 km away.🐨

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