Bee Aware!

Today is World BEE DAY – thanks to Roda over at Indigo Acres for the heads.


To celebrate and to maybe prompt some of you heathens to go out and plant some bee friendly plants, here are few shots of some of these fine creatures that visit the Ark’s Spot.

Amegilla visiting lavender.

We can see you!

Male Carpenter Bee catching a few Zs’

Megachile Bee on Gazania.

Female Carpenter Bee.

Fire Tailed Resin Bee

Carpenter Bee.

P’kaboo! Honey Bee behind Strelizia.

”Fully Loaded.” Honey Bee over California Poppy

”Coming in to land.” Honey Bee about to touch down on Cosmos.

Halicitus Bee looking a bit stoned on pollen!

Unknown(maybe another Halicitus)on Brassica flower.

Thyreus takes a break.

Carpenter Bee on Pickeral Plant


Honey Bee at Cactus Flower.


21 thoughts on “Bee Aware!

      1. I think Beverly may be referring to the Asian imports from Japan that have sprung up unintentionally in Canada?
        These guys are BIG and will wipe out a bee colony chop chop.

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      1. Which suggests to me that you should consider setting out for the off-license at least an hour before it closes, instead of ten minutes. This way you could ride at a relaxing 25-30 mph, instead of like Agostini or an irate Hells Angel, not ride into poor Bumble Bees minding their own business and still get home with your cold beers before Norwich kick off .
        Just a thought.

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        1. Agostini? There’s a name from the past, showing your age a bit there Mr Ark! Mind you I’m not really a fan of the roundy, roundy racing much prefer mine over the 1/4 mile.
          As for Hells Angels well must admit I have partied with them in the past. All bikes gone now so the Bumbles are safe(ish).
          One thing confusing me ‘Norwich kick off’ what does this phrase mean?

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    1. The only time I was ever stung by a bumble was when I grabbed it out of a web just as the spider was running over. I knew they sting could but in all times I’ve handled them never once … but it was well worth it. (Sorry, spider!)

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  1. As a staunch Freethinking Humanist Ark, I am overly thankful, grateful, amazed by this splendor around us… provided by this unbelievable (and daunting) Pale Blue-dot of a planet!!! Love all the colors!!! ❤️

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