More verbal diarrhea from the pulpit

The problem of being an atheist is that you have no one to give thanks to.  The Christian, being rooted and built up in Christ, is strengthened in the faith and overflows with thankfulness (Colossians 2:7).  We have so much to be thankful for – but outside of Christ, we have no one ultimately to give thanks to.  And we miss the main reason for thankfulness itself – Christ himself.

Pastor David Robertson.

The unbridled arrogance of this man never ceases to amaze me.




70 thoughts on “More verbal diarrhea from the pulpit

  1. I can thank my parents. I can thank my teachers. I can thank a hundred good friends. I can thank great minds like Plato, Yāska, and Cecilia Payne. I can thank the garbage men who turn up every day. I can even thank institutions like universities and liberal democracies, and on that note I can also thank methods like science, due process, and the rule of law.

    The only difference here between what Robertson is saying and what I’m saying is the people and things I’m thanking are real and actually deserve thanks.

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          1. Hahahaha!!! Ooooo, I see what you are trying to do there Ark! 🤨 You want my blood-pressure to go way up TRYING to engage and dialogue intelligently with those Jebus Aliens™ Pissy-Pastor no longer allows out of Moderation any of my questions or comments, or if he does he waits 2-3 weeks… when I’ve moved on. Yeah, I know your tricks Mister. 😛

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          1. How marvelous … or, merveilleux , which seems more appropriate on several levels, don’t you agree, Monsieur Pink?

            So,we have a ”new” pejorative: Cretin, and I can use it with impunity!
            Merci beaucoup

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  2. I thank Allah, for He is a real god and lying sacks of crap like this Christian are the reason I became a Muslim in the first place. This guy is an infidel and preaches lies and tripe. He will burn forever in Hell come the Judgement Day.

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  3. Some believers accuse skeptics of having nothing left, but a dull cold scientific world. I am left with only art, music, literature, theatre, the magnificence of nature, mathematics, the human spirit, sex, the cosmos, friendship, history, science, imagination, dreams, oceans, mountains, love, and the wonder of birth. That’ll do it for me.
    Lynne Kelly

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    1. I wonder how believers in one religion feel about believers in another religion giving thanks to what they consider to be a non existent deity?

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      1. Like the man with underpants on his head, and a Jesus Loves Me T-shirt pointing to a naked royal personage and exclaiming:
        ”Look at that idiot …. he’s got no clothes on!”


      1. Yes, several implicit points, like to boast of his self-prescribed righteousness and authority on the subject Ark. Everyone who can read with decent comprehension can read what the Old and New Testaments say. Nothing new.

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  4. As an atheist, I thank all the great atheist minds or freethinkers who helped clear the path for the rest of us — people like Democritus; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Carl Sagan; and others, others.

    They made it possible to question the myths and assumptions, and liberate ourselves from enslavement to saviour fantasies. But because Robertson is still bound to, or dependent on them, he thinks we should be, too.

    All dictators probably assume a benevolent air, and believe they’re doing the world a service.

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    1. I am somewhat befuddled why he always excludes Muslims, Hindus, Jainists, Jehovah’s Witlesses,Scientologists, Buddhists, YEC, Wiccans, 7th Day Adventurists, Mormons, Christadelphians, and even Catholics from his list of not-really-proper-god-believers and just picks on us poor defenseless atheists.
      I reckon he is just a mean old senile Scottish git who is adept at the practice of dumbfuckwittery.
      I think I should complain to my MP – whosoever that might be!

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      1. But Ark haven’t you heard space is at a premium in heaven ” Hoots mon ya cannay be havin them half-arsed pseudo religions gettin in and spoilin the view och aye the noo!”
        I thought scientologists worshiped the dollar? 🤔

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  5. I give thanks every day, to the great God Almighty, Creator of the universe, Heaven and Earth, and of Hell, and Satan, and Adolf Hitler and Torquemada and nasty little things that leap out of the pages of works extolling peace, love, compassion and which exhort the gullible to torture and kill.

    If that doesn’t cover it I can elaborate further for any dummy too dim to see where I’m coming from (priests spring to mind; denomination, cult, or system irrelevant).

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  6. Plus Jesus was a dick. He called Samaritans dogs. He (in Mark) stated that he taught in parables so his listeners would not understand and thus be saved. And so this asshole is the paragon of thankfulness? Apparently he loves it when we grovel.

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    1. Not to detract at all from your very valid comment Steve, but we should keep in mind that not even the Canonical New Testament has EVERYTHING Yeshua bar Yosef preached and taught verbatim. On top of that what is in the Gospels are unreliable testimonies for the most part (85%? 90%?) given Sectarian STJM, i.e. Second Temple Judaism/Messianism of that time-period—which Yeshua was born into, raised in, and tried to improve/reform like all other prolific Rabbis of that time.

      Perhaps it was the Gospel copyists, redactors, editors, etc, et al, compiling the Canonical New Testament 200-300 years later.

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    2. Hey! That, Sir, is a step too far—what’s wrong with dogs?

      (But say the Dog’s Prayer twenty times, in public; empty your wallet into my feed bowl and the Great Dog in Heaven will forgive you.) (Guaranteed … unless you harbour doubts.)

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  7. Ark, sometimes I can’t understand how you stomach Pastor-Pisser David Robertson. You have a lot more patience with him than I could ever muster in 1,000 years!

    But here’s my two-cents to what you quoted here: 😉

    The problem of being an atheist is that you have no one to give thanks to.

    That sentence is just ladened to obesity with all sorts of false presumptions! Where to begin! 😄 Well, 1) he has a faulty definition of an Atheist, most likely Atheism too. 2) Atheists or any Secularists, non-Theists, non-Christians have a gigantic number of people and things—i.e. Earth’s provisions for life in countless ways!—and they most often increase in number. Pissy-Pastor Robertson just doesn’t want to accept them as truly valid. And 3) “thanks” comes in a variety of constructive ways apart from Christ, or Christianity, or Christology… all of the latter being Greco-Roman, not STJM that Yeshua bar Yosef was trying to reform, according to all extant Hellenist Christian sources and non-Christian sources when compared side-by-side.

    And that ^ ^ ^ 👆🏽 ^ ^ ^ is only the tip of the iceberg as to Pissy-Pastor’s false presumptive statement. And I’m stopping there.


    1. Prof:
      I gather he rattled your cage? Getting a bit sensitive, are we? Do not fret, God forgives the truly repentant regardless of how innocent.

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      1. No rattled cage. I just loathe false, comprehensive historiography that is continually propagated to crowds of lazy, gullible consumers not wanting to think for themselves nor even verify and scrutinize the glaringly shallow Greco-Roman primary sources, i.e. the 3rd-century CE Canonical New Testament about a very JEWISH Sectarian Rabbi-reformer, NOT a Greco-Roman! 😉

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        1. I just loathe false, comprehensive historiography that is continually propagated to crowds of lazy, gullible consumers not wanting to think for themselves

          Isn’t this more or less what the press wrote after they announced the appointment of the new Arsenal manager?

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  8. Pondering:
    My understanding is that I may choose any or all of about five thousand gods to thank. I don’t believe in them all equally, but who do I thank for that?
    If I win the lottery and I have no one (god) to thank other than the clerk or machine that sold me the ticket, I shall not be turning down my winnings although I’m sure Caesar will want his share.
    I am mystified as to why I need a god thank. So, the stated problem appears to be no problem at all.

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    1. BILL:

      only five thousand? Been cloistered away, have we?
      Dammit … there’s a technical term for someone who plays the field and covers all bases but I’ve forgotten it … but why not just do so, and liquidise your assets then shovel the profits to the prophets? Surely one of ’em at least must be right?

      The methodology is too universal (even if the Name Of God changes with time/period and location).

      Back ’em all, and that way you are guaranteed at least one hit! (You only need be right once—atheists need be wrong all the time. Boom boom!)

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        1. Naming them all may take a while and a lot of research … but if you do, individually, surely a guaranteed place in Paradise is worth the time and effort? (But get it wrong, brrrrr! The Abrahamic God especially is a jealous bastard* and gives no quarter.)

          * Yep. Term used correctly—His parents weren’t married.

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  9. So, forty-one ‘thoughts’ (and counting) but no one has taken notice of the word ‘ultimately’ in the the initial quote. To whom or what could Atheists ultimately give thanks?


        1. Shouldn’t you be in church praying to Yahweh?
          He does listen, you know? But perhaps his … oops, sorry … His replies will be muffled, Him wearing a mask to protect Him from the disease He created as a punishment to all us sinners, especially all those Chinese dog eaters, Old People, Catholics and Gays. Your god hates ”faggots”, right? I agree with Yahweh and Moses. Stone the lot of ’em,
          It’ll probably a case of : Please be patient, your call will be answered . … maybe.

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          1. So, once again, thank you, Ark,
            for the provocation to jealousy which is both a good thing in the way I’m using the expression and not at all what you intended. Thank you anyway.
            Prayer is how we do thankfulness, of course, and many people who are not able to get to prayer meetings because of distance, age, or infirmity in the normal run of things, now find they can take part in concerted prayer because we’ve all been forced into using Zoom, etc. by the lockdown.


    1. I give thanks to The Great Earthworm; without whom this world would be a much sorrier place … the epitome of humility, in fact.

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    2. Even Christians (all of them) have diverging and different definitions of ultimately. That word is ultimately… 🤭 useless. I’d LOVE to see how you precisely define it and give 2-3 impregnable examples. Lol


    3. JK:

      Give thanks, for what? Being born into a Creation lacking morals, decency, compassion— yet awash with stakes, human sacrifice, torturous Inquisitions, Belsens, napalm … ?

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  10. Ultimately, we MUST give thanks to Allah, the One, True God. To give thanks to a false, “christian” deity is no different than what the atheist does: gives thanks to nothing, as the “christian” god simply is not real. Allahu Akbar

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    1. INSP:

      Silly person, we all know it’s the same God but named differently in different places. Just His wee way of keeping us on our toes, so His profits prophet from their locals.

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