Bits n’ Bobs and odds and ends

Was greeted by this sight from over the other side of the valley as I wandered to the edge of the property, coffee in hand this morning.  Probably just some seasonal burning off of scrub. I hope it was nothing worse than that?

What’s the buzz?

Benji watching the fish


Another Thyreus (Cuckoo) Bee caught napping!

First attempt at grafting a citrus tree. Watch this space in a few months.

Number 7 saunters over to say ‘hello’ and waits for a friendly scratch.

Spotted this rather attractive bit of topiary during a late delivery this afternoon.

Solitary Hadeda Ibis on the roof of my neighbour, Ben.

Millie goes out in a limb.

12 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs and odds and ends

  1. Hey Ark … just read that Africa is going batty!

    I don’t subscribe to New Scientist, so all I can offer is the tidbit that came in my email and the link.

    Seven new coronaviruses have been discovered in bats in Gabon, Africa. We’ve known that coronaviruses can jump from bats to people and cause serious illness since the 2002-03 SARS coronavirus outbreak was traced back to bats in China. Covid-19 is another coronavirus that is thought to have originated in bats and crossed to people, possibly via other animals.

    The majority of bat coronaviruses identified so far have been found in Asian bats, but a growing number are being detected in African bats. Gael Maganga at the International Centre of Medical Research of Franceville in Gabon and his colleagues recently tested over one thousand bats living in caves dotted around the country and found that 18 were carrying coronaviruses. Genetic sequencing showed that seven of these coronaviruses, which were all found in insect-eating bats from the Hipposideridae family, were new to science. So far, it’s unclear if they have the potential to spill over into people.


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