28 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy!

    1. Thank you. Yes, that first shot was quite something. One of the cats was sitting looking up at them and they were waiting for him to buzz off so they could get to the feeder!

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  1. Excellent photos as always.

    Could you remind me again what equipment you use? I’m in the market for a new camera. I’m going to move on from my DSLR camera and get a mirrorless one. Just trying to figure out which to get without breaking the bank.

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    1. Thank you kindly!
      For telephoto shots like these I have a Sony Cybershot. (donated by my brother in law on a rare visit, bless his cotton socks!)
      The other camera is a Canon EOS with a standard 55 mm kit lens, as it’s called.

      All pretty bog standard I guess. I can’t really afford to go super ”posh” so these two work well enough for my needs.

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      1. Very nice. Been looking at a few different Canon EOS models as well as some of Sony’s offerings. There’s a decent Panasonic Lumix camera out there with some good reviews. Looking at some bundle deals with a couple of lenses, including a telephoto lens. I’ll read a bunch of reviews and watch some videos on them and try to pick a good one. Until then I’ll make do with what I have. And if I don’t get satisfactory results, I’ll just visit your blog for some nice photos.

        Thank you sir.

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    2. OMD EM5 Mk 2 (or wotever—everyone updates all the time).

      I love it for what it is … AND the retro appearance. Don’t take my word, leave your wallet and cards at home then go check ’em out. On the web and if hooked, in person.

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      1. I have to be careful because there are also giant birds down there. I have no idea what they are, but they hop, can’t fly (although I’ve seen them glide really well between trees). Not kidding, big bastards, they are.


          1. 16 years. I *thought* they were peacocks (or something along those lines, as I’m not sure peacocks are here), but apparently they’re nothing of the sort. A Geordie who lives nearby knows what i’m talking about, says they’re something like a English pheasant, but doesn’t sound right to me as these things are huge. I’ve seen them in the bush, but 2 weeks ago i watched them hoping up a high tension electricity tower then gliding into some trees about 200 meters away. They’re black.


  2. Pigeon Pals? Wow, I can’t help but imagine those head-bobs and scared-to-death eyes somehow, someway represent Christians living in our beautiful world controlled by Satan!!! 😈😄

    By the way Ark, what happened to your World Tour of hunting down Chrisspyian blogs and Apologists? You haven’t had crucifixion party in a long, long time!? 😉

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