12 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy!

  1. A year or so ago, we purchased a couple of decorative birdhouses at an Arts and Crafts Faire. We primarily got them for yard decoration, but this morning, we saw a bird going in and out of one of them! At this point, not being all that familiar with bird habits, we’re not sure if she’s building a nest or feeding little ones. In any case, it’s pretty exciting!

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      1. We do have binoculars and have been trying to get a “close-up” look, but obviously, we can’t see into the hole. As for getting close, we’re watching from our kitchen window so they’re not even aware we’re around. When we do go outside, we definitely make it a point to keep our distance.

        No telephoto lens.

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  2. One of the projects I worked on during quarantine was a bluebird box. It wasn’t up even 1 hour and they were checking it out. No moving in yet but lots of looking. Keeping fingers crossed.

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      1. I’m offering free rent for the first month but it is unfurnished. I have even thrown in a bird bath and free food. They will need to figure out furniture on there own.

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