Odds n’ Ends and bits n’ bobs

Potted Potatoes Progressing Purposefully.

Thar’s gold on them thar wings!”

Thysanoplusia orichalcea, Golden Plusia 

Found it’s way into my office yesterday evening.

Millie. I was obliged to go wash my hands somewhere else.

Our Pink Lady, still enjoying residency among the lavender in the back garden.


26 thoughts on “Odds n’ Ends and bits n’ bobs

    1. Amazing aren’t they? I try to plant with the fauna in mind. I have lavender in several places now and plant more each season.
      I also encourage indigenous plants and am mindful of invasive species, although these are not always easy to control.
      Having kept photographic records for a while now I have become fairly familiar with the dietary preferences of many of our avian and insect visitors. They are a real joy.

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  1. How can you tell when potatoes are ready? I threw a Brazilian number in the ground and it’s gone crazy, looks a little like your pumpkin (above ground), but I have no idea when to did it up.

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        1. If you are planning on growing more than just this spud for the novelty value, then you should ‘hill’ . over the lower leaves and stem with loose soil.
          Most potatoes that I’m aware of eventually put out small flowers that wilt/drop off with time.
          Then the leaves will turn yellow brown and the plant will wilt.
          This is usually the time the potato is ready to carefully dig up.
          For further info … watch Matt Damon in the Martian!


    1. From your description this sounds more like a yam or sweet potato. Post a photo? Or send me one via email and we’ll see if we can figure out what species it is.


  2. “The morning glory
    Has captured my bucket—
    I shall go beg water
    From my neighbour~!”

    From a wee Japanese haiku
    (Basho? Memory fails—looks like cat has captured your sink.)

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    1. Millie is a nutter. I just photographed her out on a limb – literally – over the pond on one of the large potted shrubs. We were all taking bets on whether she’d fall in!

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