Bye Bobbi.

Sep. 2008 – 14/4 2020

Turns out that the lump she had was cancer after all.

We had to let her go this morning.




44 thoughts on “Bye Bobbi.

  1. Ouch. That cuts deep Ark. I’m sorry. My heart goes out to you Brother. 💔💜

    When we had to put down our family/Mom’s cat, that had been around forever when my daughter (at 8 yrs old) and my son (a 1 yr old) were little ones, when I kissed him (Foster) goodbye… I had to quickly get out of the entire vet clinic, go to the side of the building, turn away from traffic, and just bawl my head and heart out. 💦

    Our pets ARE literally immediate family members, no doubts. Here’s to Bobbi. 🥃

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  2. “They told me, Heraclitus,
    They told me you were dead;
    The brought me bitter news to hear
    And bitter tears to shed …”

    Been there, done that. Words can never be enough—but yes, I think I know how you feel. And that was bitter news indeed.


  3. Oh I am so sorry. I just hate this for anyone. I’ve been there and it is the most hurtful thing, as they love you so and depend on you. Of course, you did what’s morally right and good.
    So sad…


  4. oh that face. She had a good life with you, Ark, you gave her that. Not every animal is that fortunate. The right thing isn’t always the easiest way, I get that.


  5. Oh Bobbi. My heart breaks for you. Bobbi’s sweet face evoked tears of fondness for my dearly departed Boxers Jessie and Ruby. What is it with Boxers and lumps? Such a special breed with abysmally short lives. It’s not fair. Biggest of hugs. Rest in peace Bobbi.


  6. Very sorry Ark. It is always such a heartbreak. (’tis why when our cat Miao Zedong died, we decided not have more pets…)
    How are you holding up?


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