Lockdown … whatever day it is, and 3 of the best

I think before long I shall have to start making marks on the wall of my office.

Although I am not normally a gad about town sort of bloke the mere fact that I can’t even walk the dogs  let alone go for a 20 minute jog is beginning to drive me a bit doolally, and I’ll be honest, shopping under these circumstances freaks me out a bit. I cannot imagine what it must be like for those who live in a flat or bedsit. Well, I can, as I used to live in one, but in those days I wasn’t confined to quarters as it were.

In the past fortnight only two aircraft have flown overhead. The second time the sound gave me such a start I quickly nipped outside just to see it fly over our property.

It’s so quiet that in the late afternoon I can hear the neighbour across the road on his treadmill!

Trying to stay my usual chirpy positive self is becoming more difficult as this lockdown begins to bite, and bite down hard.  The reality of what’s going down is almost dystopian in nature and thinking of those who have next to nothing simply does my head in, and there’s no guarantee that those at the Ark’s spot won’t be in a similar situation in the not too distant future.

As you can tell, I’m feeling a bit down dans le bouche today.

Anyhow … moving on. Here’ s more 3 of the Best.


Salmon Fishing in The Yemen

A quirky, feel good romcom thing in which Ewan McGregor is not a Jedi and actually speaks with a soft Scottish accent. Delightful film and I highly recommend it to put a smile on the dial.


The Great Pursuit.

Brilliant and hilarious biting satire about the book publishing business from Sharpe.


Dontcha just love the afro, and suit?

Fashion nightmares aside, this is a brilliant jazz funk album. Here’s the track they released as a single from it.


Stay safe out there.









17 thoughts on “Lockdown … whatever day it is, and 3 of the best

  1. This is one of the few times in the process of getting old that I’m thankful for “old people income” (Social Security here in the states).

    Stay steady, Ark. This too shall pass. (No predictions, however, on when.)

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  2. I feel such a sense of helplessness for those who are self-employed and can’t work. No work, no income and so many people will go hungry.

    hang in there, Ark.

    The situation is surreal especially as some people are carrying on as normal and not observing social distancing and the gorvnement lockdown.

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  3. Hello Ark. I also feel for those stressed in these times, both for those that stay at home and those that are deemed essential and must go to work dealing with the public who may have the virus and pass it to them. My life did not change much. I normally stay at home, on my computer when I can, doing home things as I can. Ron has to do his 12 hour shifts in the ICU and yes they have Covid-19 patients. So his precautions coming home are vastly more intense. Ark I suggest you double down on your interests at home, things you love doing, gardening, insect watching, reading, writing, arguing on line with arrogant theist. It does make the day pass well. Best wishes for you and yours. Hugs

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  4. Ark, I recommend the Ultimate Nova Scotia Kitchen Party – Covid 19 Edition. Many musicians – of all stripes – have been entertaining on there; our Premier refers to it as a ‘Caremongering’ force. Imagine my surprise – and great delight – in discovering that one of my ‘badass’ students has written several songs and belts ’em out in a beautiful voice! 🙂
    I’d also suggest that you take up quilting but I fear that will fall on deaf ears. 😉

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  5. Hello Ark … It’s time to take to new hobbies to keep the mind from a wandering onto negative things. Try rock spotting, lichen growing, even toe fighting can limber up muscles you didn’t even know existed in both feet and at the same time. There is also shadow catching, but be careful where you place the jars as they do not like the light and they will soon go. Take care there, my friend! 🙂

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  6. How doth the busy little dog
    fulfil each passing hour,
    for dogs delight
    to bark and bite
    with all their woggy power

    … don’t ask, it popped into mind from Dog knows where as I was reading your post.

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  7. Herbie Hancock: “Dontcha just love the afro, and suit?”

    Is a bear a Catholic? Does the Pope shi…er, you know.
    But most of all I love the vocoder on Herbie’s vocals. Now, if Pastor Dave or some other nutjob evangelical could just funk up the Easter myth message with a little vocoder treatment, I might just get down with the whole Christian thang.

    (Robotic voice):”Wontchoo take me to — JESUS TOWN!!

    Ah, enforced isolation — the joys of going mad, alone.

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    1. I’m not sure how many will catch your Lipps Inc allusion, Chris, but for the record – ‘scuse the pun – there is a 12” vinyl of that track in among the collection somewhere. It is one of a few records owned by my wife when we first met.

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  8. We saw a movie last week, where the main characters fly form NY to San Francisco. Felt so weird. People crowded in a plane?! Was that even legal? 😎
    Be good Mate.


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