28 thoughts on “Happy Crucifiction Day

  1. Now if I can only get that damn song out of my head. I have to work today. Thanks Ark (I may be able to override the loop with 🎢 I Henry the VIII I am)

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  2. The Twelve Apostles as early Christian groupies, all singing this line from The Carpenter’s version of Superstar:

    “You said you’d be comin’ back this way again, baby…”πŸ€”

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  3. HALLELUJAH AMEN Arkesatan!!! I have my 3 chocolate eggs to pray to then gobble down this weekend. Sacrificial lamb’s milk in a tea cup standing by to pour over them! 😈 And then on the third day, when the chocolate wabbit has risen and rolled the stone away, I am right there ready to sing my praises, grab him by those big ears, and devour my delicious chocolate Savior trying to hop off to the heavens!!! Mmmmm, THAT is the kind of Divine intervention I dig… so does my tummy!!! 😁

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