Lockdown – day 12

‘Ssssss …. Ems … I am your father!’


Prepped for surgery? No. Armed for shopping!


I must admit this was no picnic. The boss and I ventured out this morning with a list as long as  … as long as a list could be.  Primarily grocery shopping and enough for a siege. My wife is not to be trifled with when she is ”on a mission.”

It took hours, and a large chunk of that was spent sanitizing each and every item before it was deposited in the boot of the car. Saved doing it when we got home.

There was only a smattering of people in the three supermarkets we ventured to. In fact, so sparse were those who were out and about many isles were empty saving our presence.  I didn’t dare take a camera into the shops having previously been pulled up sometime last year by a rather stroppy security guard and forced to delete all pics.

Afterwards I noticed a small sign on several shop windows forbidding the taking of photos with either standard cameras or cellphones.

The normally busy midweek streets were almost empty.

Quieter than an early Sunday morning.

28 thoughts on “Lockdown – day 12

      1. definitely. Blue is your color. My husand took his last trip Outside today, and we have to stop. Ive run out of room in the freezer. Luckily we’re not big meal eaters, that makes like a lot simpler. But he wore his mask, even though his beard kinda sticks out all around it…

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  1. Pictures not allowed from inside / outside a store? Is that place designated as private property now?

    Security would need to call the real popo on me. *without a notice of sufficient size and location” I would argue the “delete demand” from security* ~ Baahd Wolf

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      1. Perhaps a ‘hidden’ body cam?
        I used to have a pen cam – it didn’t take high resolution still shots or video (it was several years ago) I don’t know what ever happened to that thing.

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      2. It may come under the heading of ‘invasion of privacy’ in some way, I don’t know. Or you could be construed as ‘casing the joint’ for future robberies. who knows.


  2. It’s fun working in a supermarket right now, so much quieter!
    We are in a very low infection area (long may it remain so) I wouldn’t fancy doing my job in a big city. As long as the second home owners stay where they are we should get through this relatively unscathed.


    1. We? You mean you guys working in the store?
      Aside from the guards at the entrances, not a single worker inside wore any sort of mask or gloves. It was a bit disconcerting.


      1. We as in our part of Nth Norfolk. Only our checkout staff wear gloves, rubber gloves wouldn’t last 10 mins doing what I do. If we were made to wear masks I would have to think seriously about early retirement, used to wear them at times when boatbuilding and too long would bring on a migraine.

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      2. I understand that the mask may protect you against airborne droplets … but wot about the airborne viri? Viruses? Bugs? Cute little things, smaller I understand than the mesh of the mask. (Mask mesh? Sheesh …)

        Still, anything is better than nothing? And it makes officials feel better of course:

        “Thy will be done!”


  3. Can you buy on-line? We’ve been doing so for about 3 weeks. Not too bad. A few mishaps here and there and scrubbing everything after delivery. I know that in some places in France, systems are dow. Overload. So you have to queue, they only let 50 people in at at a time and you have to do all in one hour which is the most you’re allowed a day outside your home…
    Try it if you can.
    Be good “mate”.
    (I miss Col. IK’m sure he would have “writ” some great rhyme to make us laugh.


  4. Your streets are so deserted man. At the moment we have a partial lockdown. One can’t come in or go out of some counties.
    We have been advised to wear a mask whenever we are public places.

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  5. Nice to see you, Dr Ark! These are very strange days indeed … not meaning you dressed as a doctor … but the whole world in lock down, and people dying all over. Best to take all precautions, so nice one! Be well there my friend.


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