Lockdown- All quiet on the Jo’burg front

Johannesburg as seen from Sandton (North of the city). This area is about 10kms from the Ark’s spot.

In part of the footage – around the 2:30 mark – you can see Hillbrow Post office tower in the distance. We live on the other side of the Tower.

The air is so much cleaner and thus clearer. In fact it has never been so clear in all the years I’ve lived here.

The music is a bit dystopian to my mind so I have added something from my collection of  favorite pieces of music. You can mute the video sound and still enjoy the video!



Found another video …


29 thoughts on “Lockdown- All quiet on the Jo’burg front

  1. I’d attempt something similar in Invercargill but I think I’d be a wee bit growled at—actually, I doubt I’d even reach town from here …

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    1. One of my kids recently watched an old episode of Sliders – a sci fic series – where the stars go back to an alternate Earth where the population is only 500 million, having succumb to a … wait for it … global viral pandemic.

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  2. Again:

    “On The Beach” anybody?

    Ye gods. I thought I was of tougher/harder/more cynical stuff … but this movie still chokes me up. Horribly dated now, of course … oh, really? How laterally do we have to think, to connect non-existent dots?

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    1. @Argus
      I can confirm that, right now, parts of Melbourne do indeed resemble some later scenes in the original On the Beach. All that’s missing is a touch of old Hollywood glamour, courtesy of Peck and Gardner, and Fred Astaire as a scientist (!) telling us we’re in dire straits.

      If Australia is the arse-end of the earth, then Melbourne is surely the sphincter, but there’s precious little going on at that vital spot. (And to think Melbourne used to take pride of place as world’s most liveable sphincter. Even the homeless were proud of that honour. Alas, no more).🤔

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    1. Morning, Miss T.
      I thought the song a little more upbeat than the video soundtrack. However, only after I had posted it did the name of the band dawn on me as maybe not quite appropriate – or very appropriate depending on your perspective!

      Otherwise, everything all right over at your spot?
      How’s Boris Nob Johnson?

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      1. hello Ark. All is well in Wenlock, thank you. As for Boris, he is apparently ‘responding to treatment’ in hospital. Big problem here for many though: anyone with longstanding chronic, or critical conditions are finding it hard to get their regular treatment/medication. The NHS appears to have geared itself entirely to the virus. Hope all is well with you too.

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