Lockdown – day 10

Some more best of the best …. etc


Kingdom of Heaven

I’m a sucker for movies such as this. An epic historical drama set during the Crusades


Eye of the Needle


World War II spy drama. Follett’s first novel and still one of his best.


Wishbone Ash – Argus

One of the first bands to pioneer the dual lead guitar format. This is without doubt their most popular album and after nearly five decades they are still together and still touring. I never saw them while I lived in England but when they played at Sun City here in South Africa I was there like a shot!




18 thoughts on “Lockdown – day 10

  1. Kingdom of Heaven is one of my all-time period-piece films. Fairly accurate historically, but certainly not 100%. What I especially enjoyed in the film Ark was how they portrayed the overly zealous Knights Templar, bishops, monks, and Guy of Lusignan during the Crusades. In many ways the levels of “Faith” displayed in the movie are no different than today. IOW, there is actually little to no Faith in God’s ability to convert or teach non-Christians or infidels. Lol

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