Lockdown – Day seven

Did my morning walk around the garden. 40 minutes. That’s a lot of circuits. The garden isn’t big enough for one 40 minute circuit.

Checked on my potatoes. Looking fine.

Weeded the chili garden. Chickens helped.

Picked some tomatoes.

Saw one of the chickens chase a mouse on the lawn.

Made biscuits.

Went to the vet to pick up food – for the animals, we’ve still got food.

Made bread.

It’s raining – again.

Waiting for dinner. Soup.

It’s still raining. And cold

I sneezed.

WentΒ  for a pee.

I think I’ll watch The Martian … again.


25 thoughts on “Lockdown – Day seven

    1. I won’t leave the property. Bobbi’s back right leg is still not right so walkies is out of the question. We are taking her for gentle walks around the garden on a lead, as per vet’s instructions – as this seems the only way to encourage her to put weight on it.
      So, as Bobbi has her lead we are obliged to take Cindy on her lead.

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        1. She has a problem with her hip and recently developed what seemed like an internal growth. She struggled to walk and was in a degree of pain. Cortisone sorted out the growth, but we now have to build he muscles back as she has avoided putting her foot down.

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  1. Could we get a video or perhaps time-lapse photos of you going around your NASCAR garden “Circuit” with pit-stops? And race commentary ala Monty Pythons Flying Circuits would be a VERY nice touch Ark! This would be so very entertaining while we are all under Lock-down. Please, please, please! Be a sport won’t you? 😁

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    1. I suppose I could do a selfie style video a la Blair Witch project type of thing or, I could speak to Ems and see if she can produce a directors cut … we’ll see.

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      1. πŸ˜† Haha! “Blair Witch style.” Does that include the bone-chilling screaming? And the Ems Director’s Cut is a grand idea, just be sure to have it like Monty Python’s Upper-Class Twit of the Year Olympics with John Cleese-ish color commentary. You could be racing the chickens and pets! Oh my, I would pay money to watch that. 🀭

        I’m not asking too much am I Ark?

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          1. Agreed. I don’t think it pessimistic at all to prepare for a much longer lock-down/shut-down. I mean that original doctor in China who first discovered and recognized the seriousness of Novel COVID-19, Dr. Li Wenliang, did so in mid-November. Wuhan, China has only just now begun seeing fewer infections (assuming those #’s can be trusted from the government). Therefore, if we go by Wuhan’s timeline of approx. 5-months of spike/decline, that should tell everyone else around the world what the MINIMUM time-span will be IF—huge emphasis on IF!—the general public obeys the Stay-at-Home Lock-down Orders!

            That means for me, Dallas County, we will not be seeing relief or a decline in infected-numbers of COVID-19 any sooner than August 2020… ASSUMING residents stop gathering at parks, walking-running trails, private home gatherings, and at churches for worshiping!


          2. And our orange orangutan Commander-in-Chief continues to keep spewing false hopes of “just two more weeks.” Then about 7-10 days later “just two more weeks.” I think he has spouted this off the last 6-8 weeks? Effin moron! 😠

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          3. Cue Martha and the Vandellas:

            Nowhere to run to, baby/ nowhere to hide

            It’s strange to think how “connected” we all are in this current crisis, and that everyone is in more or less the same uneasy predicament.

            How ’bout some more of your favourite musical material, Ark? Have you ever posted a top ten or twenty of your favourite songs, albums, books, films, etc? Just for the buffs and nerds among us.

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          4. I can certainly oblige in that department Mister S.
            And when the lockdown is over should we call on Martha and sing ”Dancing in the Streets?”

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  2. We at least aren’t confined to barracks. Yet.

    I hoofed The Spouse through Duckburg yesterday to the cemetery, so very few mushies this season (but some of them had spots). Went down for snapping the chestnuts. And now I’ve forgotten what completely irrelevant comment I was gonna make … sheesh!

    Beam me up Scotty …

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  3. The Martian? Can’t fault you for that. Today I woke before dawn to chase a raccoon off the back deck before its head got stuck in a peanut butter jar stolen from the recycling bin. Slept till noon, made tacos for lunch, watched 2 episodes of MasterChef Australia, had a nap, hubby and I went for a drive, chopped down some bamboo assaulting the front garden, called my 84 year old blind mother recently diagnosed with Parkinsons who told me she wanted to die, bought a flat of beer, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the toilet. Happy quarantine. πŸ™‚

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