Bits n’ Bobs

Common Leopard – Phalanta phalantha

A rare visitor indeed!

Buffalo Heart Tomato – picked from the garden yesterday. Will ripen fully in a day or two. Best tasting tomatoes we have eaten.

Hillbrow Post Office Tower – Saturday, After the Rain.

Benji: ‘Check Diary – no appointments, have a snooze.’



21 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

    1. We work from home so the quarantine per se is not really an issue, save for the fact of no visitors.
      Let’s see how it is after three months, because if people think this is going to blow over after a 21 day lockdown they are dreaming.


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  1. What a treat! Nobody in my neighborhood plants for butterflies. Kind of a deadzone. Just put down some seed from salvia, gaillardia and bee balm in my backyard. Hope to attract something other than mosquitos and no-see-ums. My garden is still producing cherry tomatoes by the dozens every day. Not sure what to do with them all. Need some rain. Watering every day here. Quarantine has actually picked up the pace for me. Seems like everyone else is kicking back?

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          1. Pets that produce food. That is brilliant. Maybe I could convince my HOA that I need chickens for my mental health?


          2. Half acre in central Florida. Nobody plants flowers here. I don’t understand it. My wife is watching the mess I am making of our backyard with some trepidation. Today I described a few of the flowers I will plant and her face lit up when I mentioned hummingbirds. She is a bigger critic than our HOA. My dream is a farm in south Florida.


          3. Same as what we’ve got. Having the chickens is no problem. They stay in their run for most of the day and we let them have the run of the place for an hour before dark.
            We also have 11 cats and 2 dogs. Enough space for all of them.
            I have an abundance of flowers, herbs and veg, including 5 lemon trees 1 bitter orange tree, olive tree, avocado tree, passion fruit, lemon verbena, loads of lavender. We also planted lots of indigenous flowers and shrubs too, including Aloes which attract three species of sunbird during our autumn and winter months.
            I couldn’t manage a farm and it’s never featured on my radar. Hope one day you achieve your dream.

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