Liar, liar pants on fire. Covid 19

Some person has a post up pushing self help remedies for Covid 19.

On the face of it, there seems to be nothing wrong with bolstering one’s immune system.

However, the title of the post reads:

Home Remedy Coronavirus Cure – Self Healing In Isolation And Quarantine

It is the word ”cure” that myself and Notes to Ponder have taken issue with and raised with him.

Here are a couple of  his comments.

In response to my query that the title was misleading.

The only thing that is misleading and dangerous is your head being in the sand where you can’t understand the importance of the immunity in any form or shape of cure out there. You may have a lot of time on your hands since you are either already infected with coronavirus or too afraid, hence I’d give you a margin of error. Instead of freaking out on strangers’ blogs, your best bet is to seek mental health help.

In response to me pointing out once again that the post is okay but the title was false.

I can’t fix any falseness in your head which is blind to what I have said so far in the post and in the comments. Thanks but no thanks for wasting my time. Now, would you pls. fuck off?

If you too would like to  mention to him that the title of the post is false, misleading and potentially dangerous, then , have at it!

The post is HERE


Update. As my post went up he deleted all comments on his! However …. his post remains and so does the word ”cure” in the title.


27 thoughts on “Liar, liar pants on fire. Covid 19

  1. “The only thing that is misleading and dangerous is your head being in the sand…”

    So the world didn’t recognise his genius.🧠🤔

    Jeez, he took it badly.🤯

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  2. This guy just left a comment on John Zande’s “About” page on his blog. It was normal sounding so it took me a moment to check if it was the same guy. It is. My friends, we may very well have ourselves the next Silence of Minds brewing on WP. Oh please, oh please let it be so! SoM has left a terrible vacuum these past few years.

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    1. @Ron
      To make him feel less lonely?

      Sometimes Pastor Dave gets no traffic on his blog, either, so just to cheer him up, I go post something. Then he goes and deletes it. Sheesh — maybe he enjoys wallowing in misery.

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  3. These times and events have always brought out in GALORE all sorts of scams and cons soaked in deceitful sales & marketing preying on the gullible’s impulsiveness, fear, and/or ignorance (all 3 too). A lot more humans do it and subtle forms of them than most think is happening. All humans—no matter what race, class, creed, or political persuasion—lie and deceive. It is a genetic and psychological embedding of self-survival, of one’s public image from a National Geographic article/study on this subject below:

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    1. HI Mark .If your comment is directed at the post then the term I used was ‘bolstering’. I accept that taking vitamins has little value other than producing expensive urine.
      Reducing stress, exercise and a healthy diet would all be recognised as methods to improve one’s overall well being.


  4. This guy looks like a Deepak Chopra wannabe.

    I love the very ambiguous 3D printer ventilator. Also he seems to think we all have antibiotics, anti viral drugs, and HIV drugs in our cabinets.

    I’m sure this one is quite proud of himself. Quacks, cranks, and shysters, usually are.

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  5. For what it’s worth I reported his “cure” promotion to WordPress. Won’t go anywhere but made me feel better. For anyone who missed my exchange with Ark, allow me to share again one of his deleted comments directed at me. Enjoy:)
    “Since you are one fucking stupid and a ignorant woman without any knowledge of how computers, blogs or anything alike works, hence it is not I who is coming to your coronavirus infected doorstep. It is again, your empty brain that continues to me in the comments on my own blog. And since none of this will still make any fucking sense to your attention seeking bitchy brain , hence never mind me calling your shit out AGAIN and AGAIN and continuing to hush a lost and a hate filled wandering old lady like yourself AWAY from my blog. Lets repeat it three times FUCK OFF!!! FUCK OFF!!! FUCK OFF!!!… smh”

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    1. @Notes To Ponder
      Classy, isn’t he? Full of the milk of human kindness.

      Full of something, at any rate. I recommend colonic irrigation, for people like that. His 🧠=💩

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