Afternoon chuckle.

After a recent back and forth with a Christian regarding David Rohl’s  New Chronology for the biblical tale of  the Exodus, the film Patterns of Evidence was raised once more.

So, as we are on ‘Lockdown’ ( I keep thinking of the  movie) I thought I would watch Patterns of Evidence again.

But when I did a search on Netflix it is not showing any more having been removed in 2017.

However …. these two  films were recommended.

68 thoughts on “Afternoon chuckle.

  1. What was Patterns of Evidence about? An faux “historical” piece produced by Christian “scholars” about the plethora of “evidence” showing the Exodus truly, undeniably happened? If so, I gots ta check it out.

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    1. I might have expected Finkelstein and Silberman’s movie, but was impressed that Netflix must have considered its inclusion would have sullied it by association..
      On saying this. however, it rather sullies ‘Raiders’ which is still one of my favorite films.


          1. “He’s makin’ it up…”

            Still makes me laugh, no matter how many times I watch it. Cleese at his comic peak.

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        1. “Fiction”?

          Ye gods … wonders will never cease—and I went down to the sea in ships etc etc.

          (Yes, Little Virginia—bits of that were indeed sarcasm) (your call, Miss.)

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  2. For myself … as a gullible atheist I find the suppositions of the ‘rational crank’ far more intriguing and credible.

    NOT, mind you, that I’d offer such as any form of religion.

    However, since everyone’s ‘locked down’ right now (but the wwweb is still open*) try shelving fixed notions and look at the works of these guys; all the while asking “What if?” (and of course maintaining a healthy scepticism) (healthy, I said—not fanatical). I offer my favourite cranks:

    Graham Hancock
    Brien Foerster

    And note that fanatical sceptic is actually every bit as bad as a fanatical religionist (only WE aren’t allowed to register ourselves as charities, establish houses of ‘worship’, or claim tithes). Bummer …

    I actually like people who say “How the farque did they DO that?” much more than the folks who state definitively that diorite bowls, vases, and statues were made by pounding ’em out of rocks with copper chisels. (In fact … I’d go with Jesus first …)

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  3. I got my daily chuckle from a numskull who posted “home remedy coronavirus cures’, to which I pointed out were irresponsible and unfounded. Talk about poking the bear! Numskulls first response was “listen attention seeking stupid woman, none of your presumptuous words for making such a nefarious statement on my blog are going to stand for shit. If I hear another word from your stupid mouth on my blog I am going to press charges against you”. It went downhill from there (that was his nicest comment) Too funny.

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          1. Wow. From zero to sixty in rage from a straightforward comment! And for what? Hearing what’s probably true?

            How pathetic, to be that afraid of being challenged… especially by a woman, apparently! That’s a double damn for him! Good on you, NTP. He reveals himself so you’ve done a public service! Anyone who uses a term like ‘woman’ repeatedly as if it were an effective pejorative shows a depth of misogyny and idiocy not usually admitted by those who hold such a paternalistic and brittle bias. The cleverer ones stay silent and perhaps fume for having their manliness so easy subverted in their own mind but this guy can’t even do that much. In my opinion, anyone this quick to anger and rage against a legitimate criticism is what I think of as an intellectual bottom feeder. They’re the ones who absorb the highest levels of toxicity. And spews it in place of reason because he’s so very, very afraid of you.

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          2. Zero to sixty is an understatement. Did you read the comments? Have to admit I was fascinated by how publicly unhinged he became when contradicted by a woman. Thanks for penning your perspective, couldn’t agree more. PS – he edited original post to include screenshot of comment not approved. Hope he doesn’t have a wife or daughters. Hugs. 🙂

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          3. I’ve entered into dialogue and he was abusive and insulting on the very first comment. All I asked him was if he was serious that he had a cure for Covid -19.

            The bloke is hysterical

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          4. I just popped over there, too, to check this fun stuff out and this dude is my new hero. We’ve been lacking a true, angry whacko in the WP world since SoM disappeared. Perhaps this fella can take his place.

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          5. Oh man, just realized my comments don’t appear because I spammed him. For your reading pleasure allow me to share this deleted response –
            “Since you are one fucking stupid and a ignorant woman without any knowledge of how computers, blogs or anything alike works, hence it is not I who is coming to your coronavirus infected doorstep. It is again, your empty brain that continues to me in the comments on my own blog. And since none of this will still make any fucking sense to your attention seeking bitchy brain , hence never mind me calling your shit out AGAIN and AGAIN and continuing to hush a lost and a hate filled wandering old lady like yourself AWAY from my blog. Lets repeat it three times FUCK OFF!!! FUCK OFF!!! FUCK OFF!!!… smh”

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          6. Of course he did! Just as he deleted all my comments but for the one he inserted out of context and without approval by screenshot in a blog edit. Surely WordPress offers a way to muzzle this madman?


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