20 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

        1. She is feeling out of sorts at the moment after spraining her back right leg.
          She’s hopping around on three limbs and is finding basic things – even standing to eat – difficult to do. Probably why she has this nonplussed look.


  1. Wow! Some fantastic pics Ark. Hey, in case your pets, the dogs, chickens, spiders, butterflies, birds, and lil green aliens hiding in the shrubbery and thick foliage can’t wake or move all your lazy cats, then here’s a tried and true method Sir. Call… THE VET! And then notify who else, but CONFUSE-A-CAT, LTD!:

    He just sits there all day and every day…” 😩

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    1. Thanks, Pete.
      Yeah, we are all okay down here. But we are exercising due caution and except for brief forays to the shops for the most part self-isolating.
      I continue my morning jog but avoid all contact other than a cheery greeting to those I pass.

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