New Zealand’s most extreme abortion legislation …

NZ PM rushes world’s most extreme abortion legislation into law while country distracted with pandemic.

Hmmm ….

Full Article here.



34 thoughts on “New Zealand’s most extreme abortion legislation …

  1. I support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.

    I also support the man’s right to choose to withhold financial support to a woman who chooses not to do so

    And most importantly, I support the taxpayer’s right to withhold funding under either circumstance.

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  2. From that article it is hard to separate where fact begins and where fiction ends. Are there people who want to abort when they are full term?


  3. The thing that so many anti-abortionists fail to realize (or ignore) is that most women do not LIKE having an abortion but for reasons known only to them, it is a choice they feel they must make. NO ONE … I repeat, NO ONE … should be allowed to make that decision for her.

    Further, while many of us (male and female) may feel uncomfortable about a woman aborting a baby at full term, it is still the woman’s choice.

    The New Zealand law is undoubtedly extreme, but sometimes that’s what it takes.

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      1. Based on what I know of the abortion laws in the U.S., I would say these NZ laws are “extreme.” However, I admit I’ve never looked into our laws from a “legal” perspective so perhaps not.

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        1. Not at all. 20 weeks is quite conservative. Many states in the US allow it by choice up to 24 weeks, Oregon has no limitation by week at all, Virginia 25 weeks.

          Prior to this law, abortion was (with exceptions) illegal in NZ, and the woman had no choice.

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        2. From a BBC article on the law:

          For more than 40 years, abortion was the only medical procedure considered a crime in New Zealand – unless it was performed under exceptional circumstances.

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          1. I knew there were more than just oregon, but I had to quickly look it up.

            So, yeah, the NZ law is pretty pedestrian, and simply brings the country in-line with all other developed nations.

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  4. And when the same law is reported by a real newspaper: “This week we brought New Zealand’s abortion laws into the 21st century.” (The Guardian)

    And to be expected, the Evangelical Right to Life article is full of lies, including that abortion by choice is now legal up to 20 weeks, not, as they say, to birth, and there is absolutely no mention I can see that has anything to do with so-called ‘sex selection.’

    Couldn’t be bothered looking into the other claims as they are also, no doubt, lies.

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  5. I like it. Not the law etc etc but the tactical way in which “NZ PM rushes law through whilst everyone one asleep”. It proves that initiative and semi-intelligence aren’t completely dead down here. As for me? I just watch. That way not only am I safe, I can say anything without being typecast.

    All politicians suck. All voters are suckers. And the beat goes on …

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  6. A former friend once posted, “the woman marchers just want to kill their babies.” I was dumbfounded, but managed to click on unfriend (her). While I support freedom of speech, I also reserve the right to act on my beliefs. While I do not favor abortion as a measure of birth control, I do favor educating everyone and assisting in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

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      1. Don’t try and distract me with real human responses! You have erred and must repent. But apart from that, you alright? This isn’t going to be pretty anywhere, but SA could be really difficult. Just been reading about the total mess in Ecuador. Brazil is doomed.


        1. Repenting as we ”speak”.
          All right? Not so sure ….
          We are just climbing on board the Bus of Death down here.
          Our first ”well known” figure passed away , Tuesday.

          I’ll be honest, not to put too fine a point on it, I am shitting myself. We are counting the days until we have to shop again.
          Ramaphosa has just given the go ahead for 10,000 ”extras” to begin testing in rural areas.
          I haven’t ventured past our front gate in a week.

          The government are taking it very seriously but much of the population seems blase about it or perhaps they are just even more confused..

          Truly, I have no idea how this is going to pan out but if SA thinks that a 21 day lock down will be enough they are farking dreaming.


          1. It’s an impossible situation and many people can’t seem to take it seriously till it’s too late. Add extreme poverty and poor living conditions into the mix, and how can people be reasonably “locked down” anyway? I think the minimum 6 months to a year projections in terms of restrictions to movement are going to be more realistic, but no-one wants to say that too loudly …


          1. Same advice here: get it, and if you’re not dying, please stay at home and leave the hospitals for the really sick. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised at how well people are adhering to the isolation business here. No panic, quite tranquil, really.

            Heard today that 9 women (wifes) have now been murdered (by husbands) in Argentina since the lock down.


          2. How’s it going now? Here it’s quite clear that our government chose to allow deaths to try and make money when other countries were locking down, and that’s why we’re only just behind the USA on daily deaths. Still no massive outcry.

            Didn’t hear about those murders in Argentina, but it’s not a surprise unfortunately ….


          3. Going alright, but you can’t a get a test, so the numbers reflect only those hospitalised. I’m almost certain I have it, but it’s caused no drama at all. Sao Paulo is extending the shut down until May 15 (which is great), but I just heard this morning that our mayor is opening everything next Wednesday (which is bad). We *were* doing really well.

            How’s homeschooling going?


          4. Yikes! Hope you’re okay. Our numbers are nonsense too, only people who have died in hospital and sounds like care homes are being decimated.

            Life’s pretty chilled here, kids are happy to do bits and pieces of learning, and they aren’t missing school.


          5. Plague isn’t so bad. But seriously, I have no other symptoms. No fever, no cough, no aches, nothing. Staying out of everyone’s way is more disruptive than the bug.

            UK’s death toll is staggering. That was a real clusterfuck, up there with Winston pegging the pound to gold, and the not-so-bright idea of invading the Dardanelles. Also Winston.


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