Christian Nobs of the Day

David Robinson Retweeted.

Gray Connolly

I agree with  @firstthingsmag

on keeping churches open. For Catholics esp, a local church is not solely your house of worship but where all manner of people rich/poor & young/old come together & where people in need can get help without forms & bureaucracy


26 thoughts on “Christian Nobs of the Day

  1. It is my belief they should all who manage to survive such idiocy, one by one, visit North Sentinel Island, where they so love proselytizing visitors…

    After all, the only way to counter stupid is with more stupider.

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    1. Oh well done, Shelldigger: “they (Indian authorities) do not prosecute them (the Sentinelese) for killing people.” (Wiki) “The Sentinelese have repeatedly attacked approaching vessels. This resulted in the deaths of two fishermen in 2006 and an American missionary, John Allen Chau, in 2018.”

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  2. Yep, showing off your all-powerful “Faith™” to everyone there—who is stupid enough to join you—and to those in your community watching all the idjits (to borrow Jeff’s fine word!) shows how your God with infallible foresight trumps all scary viruses, diseases, and ignorance in the world!

    Hmmm, but you know what Ark, that would be an excellent form and use of Natural Selection! Turn churches into infected infirmaries (parents only; no one under age 19?) then those places into additional cemeteries! 🤔😄 How many families you think would show up regularly? How many would bring along their toddlers, children, and adolescents?

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  3. Hey! Don’t knock it—God may be everywhere, but He’s especially in church, no? So where better to congregate than in church, where you are safely delivered from evil?

    And if someone does contract el gravo diseaso in church—wouldn’t that carry an automatic ticket hot-foot to Paradise? (You know, go direct without passing ‘GO’) (and who, other than the padre, of course) would need the two hundred bucks?)

    No, we’d be fools not to toddle into the nearest chapel and pray like fu— fury for the forgiveness of the God who knew even before His Creation that later on He’d be mutating a few viruses now and then to help keep our faiths alive. Actually, wee bugger is quite clever like that … as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be etc etc

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  4. Not to be tedious here: why is prayer in church so essential? Is it any more effective than in an empty green field? Is a person under a parson any closer to the Omnipresent, in church?

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    1. Retire to the wilderness … which makes better sense.

      As a famous Muslim is credited with stating, words to the effect:

      “One glimpse
      within the tavern caught,
      better than in the mosque
      lost outright.”

      So I guess J would be with me, no?


      1. IDK,

        I was led to believe that Jesus was a “hands on” kind of guy who’d have boldly stepped forward to confront that ungodly communist Coronoavirus and cast it into a herd of pigs.

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  5. Trust these selfish turds to think only of themselves and that God will keep their church exclusively safe, I bet when a vaccine is available they will reject it and claim it causes atheism, homo-sexual’s and anti trump-ism.

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    1. What makes my blood boil is that Robertson retweeted it and is on board with this mentality.
      And yet he has elderly folks he is concerned about!
      His god belief makes no sense.


  6. Just for your information, Ark et al,
    The virus is not spread simply by being in a building. Keeping the building open is not the same as having the community that gathers there actually assembled.


    1. If you read the rest of the tweet, the reason for keeping the buildings open was so that “all manner of people rich/poor & young/old come together[.]” While buildings do not spread the disease, people gathering together do. This is why Robinson and others tweeting such things are nobs.


      1. Not so, Sirius,
        you have added in the reason for keeping the buildings open to make your case. To state the obvious once again: that “all manner of people rich/poor & young/old come together” is the reason the buildings were built. Keeping them open so that a food bank might operate from the premises requires the use of common sense in order to function while maintaining social distancing at the same time but that can be done. Knowing what we know about this virus means that bringing people together socially/in close proximity is at best irresponsible and it takes quite a bit of ill will to read that into this tweet.


        1. So you’re saying it’s ill will when I don’t make up stuff that the person said and instead pretend something more responsible was said?

          Just because I didn’t give him every benefit of every doubt doesn’t mean it’s malicious. At best, the person who generated that tweet could have mentioned the things you’re talking about. Instead, the person talked about keeping the doors open for people.

          And all the vague nuances were left out of it.

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