17 thoughts on “Definitely worth a watch

  1. Watched about 10 min..will finish later. Very well done and very scary. Makes one realize how venerable our tiny lives are to so many things…we live very precariously indeed.
    Thanks for this link.

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  2. Very informative. It struck me that people just don’t get how easily it spreads and if a government acts fast and responsibly and doesn’t deny at first that it’s a threat, things can be better. But overall it just happens, it spreads, it kills a certain percentage, it fades and later it can return with less of an effect or with a vengeance. Vaccines can certainly help tremendously. Ignorance can certainly be deadly when it’s pushed by a certain segment in a society like our right wing nut jobs.

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    1. It’s a whole new experience on almost every level.
      We are all healthy as the day is long but also vigilant, almost to the point of paranoia and THAT bothers me no end.

      We’ve had one cancellation and one”Put it on hold” so we are not worrying yet.
      But it’s a start …
      Shopping for stock yesterday involved two shops where we were sprayed with sanitizer and one up-market store where there was not a single precautionary measure in sight!

      We saw traffic cops with gloves and some with masks, also a couple of walkers and one cyclist .

      Much of what is going on seems a bit slap dash, which is understandable I suppose as people down here are still a bit bemused.

      We are hoping for the best but making preparations for tougher times …

      We’ll see …

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  3. Anyone remember AIDS? We were all dooooooomed~! All of us. Brrrrr …

    But some of us lived, and repopulated the Earth in accordance with God’s will. So lift up you voices in praise to Him alone from whom all blessings flow.

    Etc etc etc, you know how it goes. And He knew too, even before He created the world, and Adam, and Eve, and little slimy things that go all stinky when you squelch them. And get this:

    YOU may not know but He does, whether you will get through this one or toddle up to Heaven to sit on His ever commodious right hand. (I understand He reserves the left one for ol’ Nick. Brrrr.)

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  4. On a different subject Ark, but still one I know you’re interested in.

    Watched this excellent documentary on my local PBS station here in Dallas regarding the original roots of Texas (Southern?) Rock-n-Roll and Rhythm & Blues and the TRUE hub of its start. Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan are large parts of its birth. Check it out, tell me whatcha think Sir…

    The full documentary link on Vimeo will follow below, if interested. 🙂

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      1. (the former drummer here begins beating his drumsticks on the rim that very familiar La Grange beat)

        Mmmm, Have MERCY! Texas has and do have their musicians don’t they Sir? 😉


  5. It was an innocent age. (Sort of.) Certainly I enjoyed it … but how do you explain, or even begin to describe it to Moderns? There’s just no terms of reference or landmarks; I consider them (today’s moderns) deprived. (Even a bit depraved …)


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