Covid 19 – The Album

All proceeds from sales to go towards better health.

Side 1.

The Chinese Way – Level 42

(Should Not Have Got On) This Flight Tonight – Nazareth

Every Breath You Take – The Police.

Don’t Stand  So Close  To Me – The Police

Fever – Ronnie Laws

Side 2.

I Don’t need No Doctor – Humble Pie

Something’s Got A Hold On Me – Vaya Con Dias –

All By Myself – Eric Carmen

Breath – Pink Floyd

Don’t Fear The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult




Acknowledgment to Bruce over at Vinyl Connection for inspiration.

45 thoughts on “Covid 19 – The Album

          1. Yep, I did a post on Sunday of my thoughts on this, er, crisis.
            At work today the shelves are empty, no flour, eggs, sugar, pasta, rice tinned foods, medicines and so on and so on. You want bog paper? I suggest the Times in 6 inch squares. And the customers keep saying “Why have you got no stock?” Makes me feel like coughing at them!

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          2. Ridiculous the way people develop such a siege mentality.
            And yet maybe this time there is good cause?
            I have been following the Brit situation – my folks are in their eighties so Whatsapp calls aside I reckon it’s worth keeping up to date with what Boris and the NHS are doing about the crisis.
            I reckon we have all been caught on the hop by this one.
            Is there a chance you’ll be sent home or will they keep the shops open?

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          3. What I gather the government are trying to do is get the fit and healthy to build up immunity whilst at the same time protecting those that are vulnerable. Probably a good move as I feel Countries that are in lockdown are going to see this virus surface again later in the year.
            What they are trying to do is spread it out so the NHS is not suddenly inundated.
            At the moment apart from sport the government is not closing anything though some places are, theaters for instance. Shops like mine will have to remain open to try and supply the panic buyers!

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      1. I’m doing all I can to convince my Republican and Trump supporting fellow citizens that the virus is totally fake, a liberal plot against Trump, as many of them already believe, and that they should NOT wash their hands often and they should do ALL they can to get themselves sneezed on and coughed at as frequently as possible. In this way, perhaps we can watch evolution at play wiping out a weak link in the chain of humanity. Is this mature? Grown up? Nice? HELL NO!! But, god damn it, it’s FUN!!! 🙂

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          1. The “ethical warrior” asks why are we so upset about a few deaths from the coronavirus when there are so many caused by the common flu? SMH

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  1. Wow! Hahaha! Nice satire! You could also get the bonus track edition with these songs…

    Down With the Sickness by Disturbed
    You Make Me Sick by Pink
    Doctor! Doctor! by Thompson Twins
    I’m So Sick by Flyleaf

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          1. Huh? 🤔 Have you been dipping in the Absinthe again and smiling at little flying green fairies? Sure that remastered, re-inebriated 12″ greenly luminous wasn’t something else? Lol

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          2. So Ark, will the Reds be EPL Champions come May 17th? Or will their PHENOMENAL Premier League season be (sadly) marred by this global pandemic? Can the FA somehow makeup 4-8 (or more?) missed weeks?


          3. Read an article yesterday which suggests the EPL managers and officials have no problem awarding Liverpool the title.
            The bigger issues concern relegation, promotion. and qualification for next years Champions League.

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          4. It’s a mess for sure. :/ I just had really hoped that Liverpool deserve and get ALL possible accolades for this season. But unfortunately I am not so sure they will get all the deserved hype and excitement for this season, especially after going out of the UEFA Champions League. Ugh, 😒 they don’t deserve that potential ending.


          5. They only need six more points to be secure. I can’t see the EPL not awarding them the league title. They are 25 points ahead. Realistically, who’s going to catch them?

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          6. A few more apropos titles:

            Protection — Massive Attack
            In My Time of Dying — Led Zeppelin
            Panic in Detroit — David Bowie
            Isolation — Joy Division
            Sick Again — Led Zeppelin (Again)

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