2 thoughts on “Politically correct music – for Tildeb. ”Woke” up this morning

  1. I’ve been to see this band a few times. Alabama 3. One of my favourite of their songs is called ‘Too Sick to Pray’ which seems apt at present, it mentions burning bibles so won’t have been a big hit in the US like this was I suspect. Stay well Ark x

    – Esme letting a long rope ladder down from the Cloud

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  2. Hello Ark. When people ask me how I am doing I normally answer ” I woke up breathing”. Most people just laugh when I say it, which confuses me. Once in a while someone will say “Better on this side of the grass”. But they miss the point entirely. If I was not breathing I simply wouldn’t have woken up. The fact I am standing there talking to them is proof I woke up breathing. Oh well, most people don’t think past their next canned line in the show on the stage we call life. Hugs


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