Oh, for gods sake! Well, you have to laugh. Och aye the noo, ye ken..

Australia’s favorite blogland fully sporraned Evangelist, Pastor David Robertson has a thing for sex and sexuality and seems to put up posts covering these topics fairly regularly.

His most recent offering is, for one particular reason,  rather special!

See for yourself. Some snippets …

The theme of this week does seem to be societies obsession with sex and sexuality –

Firstly on Tuesday night I went to NorWest Anglican to do a seminar on sex, sexuality and identity.

The Bible does condemn homosexual practice,….

The Village People were superb – this is a congregation that is a tribute to the glory and beauty of Christ.


For some reason he was not happy when I pointed this out to him.




18 thoughts on “Oh, for gods sake! Well, you have to laugh. Och aye the noo, ye ken..

  1. If Pastor Dave thinks the Village People were superb, he should have fun staying at the YMCA.

    You can hang out with all the boys. Swimming, playing basketball and…er, other activities.

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣 OH MY STARS, GALAXIES & SUPERNOVAS Chris! I think I cracked a rib laughing and spit my fine Malbec wine on my laptop with your perfect remark!!! I should make you come clean it off you smarty pants! 😉

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  2. HAH! 🙄🤦‍♂️ I have found that any religious so-called “experts” on Conservative vanilla sex and from the Conservative vanilla world to be just short of a complete joke. Hyper-religious Fundamentalists have absolutely NO CLUE what they are talking about! Period! That is like asserting/claiming you are an “expert” on Ngari, Tibetan culture and foods, but have never been there your entire life! Not even once.

    Furthermore, there are PLENTY of case studies, statistics, and psych-rehab marital therapists who have MANY clients/patients—of so-called Conservative Christian couples/spouses—who have dysfunctional or DEAD/DYING sex-lives, but found the Church staff or counselors are horribly inadequate due to the Church’s long and entire history on the topic. However, many of the publicly known numbers, the case studies, etc, are only from Secular clinics, doctors, etc, (most likely under-estimated) because most all Conservative Faiths and Churches WILL NOT divulge any info, facts, etc, about this major problem within the Christian ranks to the Secular world. Duh! It paints a very poor picture of THEIR righteous form of marital (only) sex. Duh again.

    Back in October 2012 I wrote a post on my Private blog entitled Hyper-Social Anxiety Over Sex …in the Abrahamic religions based on some of these case studies from Christian and Muslim marriages and countries. I also asked when does it go way too far, in either direction!? One of the BIGGEST issues that Abrahamic religious followers have today is just how horribly antiquated the teachings, rules, expectations, and shaming are because they are based in 7th-century BCE to 5th-century CE cultures!!! I mean, that is practically three-times FOSSILIZED!!! 😲 That fact there reveals all sorts and depths of a plethora of problems for modern couples, partnerships, singles, and families! From one small section of that 2012 post, if I may Ark, sexuality, erotica, the Alt-Lifestyles, are one of my favorite subjects with many many years of experience, as you already know…

    In his new book, “On the State of Egypt” (Vintage; paperback, $15), popular Egyptian author Alaa Al Aswany doesn’t mince words when going after Islamic extremists for their treatment of women. In an essay titled, “Why Are Religious Fanatics Obsessed with Women’s Bodies?” […]

    In the essay on fanatics’ obsession with women’s bodies, Aswany asserts that Egypt is not immune, pointing out that extremists require women to wear not only the niqab but also gloves to ensure no passions are aroused if a man and woman happen to shake hands.

    Aswany outlines four reasons for the extremists’ obsession. First, among Islamic fanatics, women exist only as bodies and instruments, that is, for men’s pleasure or temptation and for producing children. In fairness, he notes that the commodification of women’s bodies also occurs in the West in porn and prostitution markets.

    Second, in the extremist view, women are “the source of temptation and the prime cause of sin,” Aswany writes. Though men and women commit sin together, it is the woman who is held primarily responsible. […]

    Oh, quite contrary to Pastor Robertson’s lies and grossly misguided words! It is in fact the zealous Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox(?) Jews that for 2-3 millenia have created the “obsession with sex and sexuality” and most all of our modern dysfunctions and abuses, if for no other reason than they do not at all understand its biology, endocrinology, all forms of genitalia, all forms of mental and physical health and stimulation, and then most serious of all… the Mastering of its Kaleidoscope of Artistic expression, both giving and receiving to ALL genders and orientations! Inside this sexual-erotic domain the hyper-religious are utterly clueless. ❤ 😈

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  3. Well, I don’t know WHY I left a comment there for Super Sex-therapist Mr. “Ruthie-Westheimer-Slong-Meister” Robertson, but Ark… I did. I might have some undiscovered masochistic tendencies you are forcing me to acknowledge with that deluded man! Is that what you are doing Ark? 🤔

    I’ll be shocked if he allows it past Moderation. I really did try to sanitize it (a tiny bit), but I damn sure didn’t mince my words about Christian or Biblical “expertise” 🤣 on this subject. HAH! 😈

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    1. Hello Professor. ( and anyone else who might choose to reply to my question ) I am really confused about the fascination and the being horrified about sex in general and how sexual acts feel good in particular by the “ultra religious” sects. Let me preference my question with a bit of my understanding of this subject.

      It seems unhinged and irrational. I understand why the original prohibition against Catholic priests not having sex because of the possibility they would leave their assets to their family instead of the church, but that doesn’t cover today and all the other religions that seem to find any pleasure from that region of the body taboo? Plus in many places we are now finding that the priest are having families and children and the organization is simply looking the other way. Much as they did for centuries with another sex scandal. Not to mention that it seems that in the three Abrahamic religions it is clear there is a difference between what males may enjoy and what females may enjoy, while all of them clearly allow / advocate for prepubertal child sex with adults. Granted people did not live as long then, but those standards are still touted today by adherents of those religions. Plus my limited understanding of other religions in the world seems to imply it is common that sex is taboo except if done with the very young.

      It defies belief that the many hoards of priests and nuns, and all the other religion’s leaders never touched themselves and got them self relief. This must be true even at the highest levels of their order. Just because those now in charge are past being able to do so or have any desire left doesn’t negate the fact that they did once and those younger do and are lying about it. I remember a joke going around at the church boarding school I attended. Studies 100% of the boys claimed they never masturbated, and other studies show 99% of boys are liars, while another study shows 1% of boys are trying to figure out how. It really is no secret that it happens, let’s stop the guilting.

      My question is if they are all doing it, thinking of it, wanting it, and it has been clearly shown it is normal along with it being proven to not be harmful, why do these religions focus on sex so much? Really why sex? There are really things wrong in the world that if they focused their attention to solve they would be hailed as heroes.
      Yet here they are terrified of the dreams they have in the dark that harm no one?

      Forget their moldy old book, none of them lived back then, even the oldest is now in the last century or this new one. They know this, they lived it. So why the huge attempt to make it the worst of all things, the desperate attempt to cling to the failed idea that sex is wrong and that enjoying it with a consenting adult partners is the most damning thing a person could do? It is only driving away the desperate gullible recruits they could collect as their coffers run dry. Yet all religions excuse and hide those in their midst who do it with kids? Hugs

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      1. Hey Scottie. Not meaning to appear that I’ve ignored your questions here and comment. I promise to answer. 🙂

        It has just been a bit hectic, weird and unsafe lately—in case you hadn’t heard/read, Dallas County has 55 confirmed COVID-19 cases and it is beginning to spread exponentially—and I’ve been trying to prepare as best I can with all errands and grocery store stock-ups, etc.

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        1. Hello Professor. Please be safe and careful. I doubt it is easy for you to have people stay 6 feet away from you, but do try to limit them to clothing contact only. 😀😃😄😋😎. Don’t ever worry about getting back to me, I do understand and I don’t think there could be an answer to why religions fixate on sex. Well maybe others understand it, I don’t. Hugs

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          1. Well Scottie, if you’d like and have the free time you are welcome to read my post previously mentioned above on my Private blog. You’ll simply need to request access here:


            I have a few other posts on this subject there on my Private blog as well. Essentially when humans or an institution/group of humans who are against all forms of progressive sex, erotica, health education and exploration desensitizing “unknowns,” and then those groups want to perpetually mystify it or worse degrade it in fear or shame, that social group will develop all sorts of psychological dysfunctions in connection with sexuality, intimacy, healthy safe expression and communication of it. They distort it greatly, a vital biological benefit from a natural human behavior EVERYONE alive (with some libido or more!) possesses! IOW, it backfires and causes more damage on a number of human and social elements. However, going to the other extreme—i.e. reckless, disrespectful, harmful, etc.—can be just as bad.

            No matter what, keeping it all ‘in the dark‘ so to speak, keeping society ignorant obviously causes many more unnecessary problems. One biggest consequence of sheer ignorance and religious oppression is teen pregnancies and repeat teen pregnancies. Those rates go up significantly with strict abstinence and silence. No surprise, Texas is the poster child of utter failure with teen abstinence and NO SEX EDUCATION!

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