47 thoughts on “The smug look:When you dare ask a Christian why a comment has been blocked.

  1. Sheesh Ark! Haven’t you learned yet that they simply DO NOT like you sniffing around their god-given beliefs? I mean really! You must MIGHT upset that apple cart that they have themselves so securely tied to.

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    1. I asked him very politely to leave the post open as it would be a way for believers and non believers to further explore this topic.
      I then asked why, if his post was directed solely at Christians, as he had stated, didn’t he simply make the post and/or his blog private and invite Christians to join?

      The reason I labeled him smug – apart from the cheesy selfie – is that he released the comment, replied (as above) and immediately after deleted it and banned me.

      I thought … well blow me down with a feather … or something similar.

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  2. Blacklisted? WTF? When did that become one word? Next thing ya know, he’ll want to cancel his Ark subscription. Has he not seen your photos? Sheesh! What a dork!

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    1. I doubt it. Merely his knee jerk reaction to confronting one or two questions he probably hadn’t heard before, as John Z demonstrated regarding Zoroastrianism
      He’ll justify is as he no doubt does with all questions from skeptics.
      It is what apologetics is all about.
      Maybe like so?

      ”Dear Gary Habermas,
      I am in dialogue on my blog with some atheists who are being mean to me and asking too many pertinent questions.
      What should I do?
      As God isn’t answering at the moment your advice would be appreciated.

      Yours in Jesus and Jesus in yours’.”
      dP Collins

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  3. “By their deeds, shalt thou know them” as for you, obviously you know better but couldn’t resist a cheap shot at a shitting dick?

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  4. Why do you guys mess with these crazy loons in the first place? You are never going to get them to think or do any critical observations.
    It’s like talking to centipedes about the pros and cons of highway and bridges and other infrastructures. It does not compute.

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      1. True and I’m guilty of that. Trump supporters and religious nuts are both similar in their obstinate refusal to look at facts. For some reason, my head tends to explode more with the religious thing. I think I see it as more far reaching and it’s been around since the beginning of man’s inventions, so it’s more troublesome.

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    1. “Why do you guys mess with these crazy loons in the first place?”

      It’s a good question, @maryp. Speaking for myself, I think it helps me to clarify my thoughts about why I don’t believe what the evangelicals profess. It helps me marshall better arguments, and hone them in disputation with theirs. It’s certainly not about trying to convert them — a largely futile cause.

      Also, I like reading what Ark and John Z and Prof T and others bring to the table. I learn more just from their greater breadth of knowledge. And yes, I confess there may be an element of s*** stirring, just for the hell of it.

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    2. Really? Ants and termites and bees and stuff sometimes are brilliant engineers—I’m sure that if we could speak bee they’s be great to chat with. But the indoctrinated? That will never fly …

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  5. I think this guy was shaking in his Christian boots, I could hear his knees knocking, well done, trouble is this guy is not smart enough to think outside his indoctrinated Jesus talking brain.

    I suggested he went and talked to a neuroscientist but I doubt it saw the light of day.

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  6. There’s always a crisis or traumatic event as he admitted. My condolences on his young wife dying. Would it be so hard for a stranger to read this as John said, a parlor trick? Whether intentional or not this stranger played his overactive hormones in crisis and he found what he was hoping for. Now he’s a smug prick because of it. He freakin talks to god, man. Show some respect.
    This quote is so applicable to this guy.
    ”The impression somehow prevails that the true believer, particularly the religious individual, is a humble person. The truth is the surrendering and humbling of the self breed pride and arrogance. The true believer is apt to see himself as one of the chosen, the salt of the earth, the light of the world, a prince disguised in meekness, who is destined to inherit the earth and the kingdom of heaven too—Eric Hoffer
    . This is a special type of control freak we’re dealing here.

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      1. The standards Liverpool had set in the first-half of the season, then the expectations all fans, analysists, etc, THEN their opponents this half of season all wanting to take down the Reigning Giants of expected perfection every single game week in and week out means/meant that Europe’s Best Team and Manager must perform at 120% every single minute!!! That IS NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE! EVER! You are going to have lapses and mental exhaustion. Norwich just happened to be the team, the time, and the place.

        HAH! Watch the Reds this Tuesday and next Saturday. They’ll be back in form, guaranteed. 😉 Now, off to the El Classico… Real Madrid v. Barcelona! 🤩

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          1. Felt bad for Villa against City in the Caraboa Cup this afternoon.

            Fingers crossed for the Pool on Tuesday.

            I am going to give el classico a miss and toddle off to bed.
            Enjoy the game.

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          2. Yeah, I hope Villa can stay up in the EPL this year. Being such a large, storied club, they really SHOULD be up in the EPL almost every season. But the Premier League is now a whole different beast than it was even during Arsenal’s Invincibles went unbeaten that entire season. Today, in EPL’s 20 clubs, any team can beat any club on any given day. It was not like that prior to the 21st century, and much of the earliest portion of this century. Wouldn’t you agree Ark? (when you wake tomorrow of course… you lazy bum!) 🤭

            El Classico? Eh, halftime and scoreless. Some great chances for both teams, but if this Classico ends in a boring 0 – 0 draw again like the one in Camp Nou, I’m going to be angry and disappointed. 😠

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        1. Disagree about Villa ‘should’ be in the prem because they are such a ‘large’ club Prof. If you used that argument there are many clubs in the lower leagues who could claim the same so you would have to kick out all the ‘small’ teams (my beloved Norwich are leaving anyway) or have a thirty odd team league. In fact the idea was mooted in the not too distant past about having the prem made up of just ‘big’ clubs and the rest of us could just go and whistle!


    1. Certain religious apologists have a similar methodology when they dialogue about their faiths/beliefs with skeptics, especially in an environment they can control – such as a blog, and this is to ensure that, only comments they feel they can dominate or ridicule will they allow through.
      Robertson is a glaring example of this behaviour.
      Mel seeks refuge in the completely abstract and when he is called out insults his fellow interlocutor for having a failed understanding of the bible/doctrine etc
      Colorstorm just hangs over the edge of his flat earth and dribbles.

      Of course they don’t always realise where they fall short and such examples are left for all to read. In this bloke’s case however, he found he had painted himself into a corner where no apologist rebuttal would suffice so he simply called Time Out and deleted comments demonstrating how erroneous and vacuous his claims were.

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        1. Come now, Mister Z, this trooper is a bit drained, especially after the thrashing Liverpool took yesterday. You take point for a while as I’m pretty sure you have encountered some real ”charmers” out there on your blog travels, yes?

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      1. Robertson thinks he’s special. Why? Because God reached out and saved him from a near death. Why? Because Robertson is special.

        See how easy it is to get caught up in that sort of providential mindset? And bugger all the people who found themselves in similar circumstances to Robertson, and didn’t make it. Not “special” enough, I guess.

        By the way, Ark, I see the Scottish pastor has responded to your latest sally with his usual “blind-and-deaf-to-the-evidence” shtick.

        He’s all theme and no variation.

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  7. If one ever becomes blacklisted from being blacklisted, does one become un-blacklisted? Such pertinent and poignant questions arise when I hear such stories. Too bad, as well, we couldn’t blacklist religious nonsense from governments world-wide. Ah, I dream of such a day.

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  8. Ark, aside from our gorgeous sport, the world’s Most Beautiful Game and Liverpool, 😉 when a fundy-evangy Christian (with auditory hallucinations) like dpatrickcollins employs HEAVY moderation and censorship on their blog, that right there should be a HUGE indicator-red flag as to the veracity of their claims and content of blog-posts. When most everything is never up for scrutiny, examination, testing, review, etc, then there is NO DENYING that domain is a police-state. Use all the historical examples of police-states throughout the world, today and in the past, and the true nature of those claims are revealed. Reminds me of when Toto pulled back the green curtain to reveal the real nature of the Great Wizard of Oz. 😄 Seriously, what is the difference? 😈

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  9. some time ago, I came across an image of a cartoon: 3 green aliens(Martians, I presume!) had landed somewhere in current America, they were watching a group of white Christians(trump’s supporters!), and before meeting them, one alien said to his pals:”be careful, guys, these are Earthlings, they do become very aggressive if you laugh at their beliefs!” 😀

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