Oh, for gods’ sake!

”My post is primarily addressed to Christian believers who, if I may be blunt, have the Spirit of God already in them, and so the question is more walking out this reality.”

”I can in fact tell the difference between my thoughts and God’s thoughts.”

d.Patrick Collins on Hearing Voices


Would any of you former Christians, who were all filled with the Spirit of God  otherwise you would not have been Christians, obviously, care to explain why you deconverted even though Jesus was communicating with you?



62 thoughts on “Oh, for gods’ sake!

  1. He never communicated with me, I was taught to communicate with what I call fiction. By the age of 30 I realised I was caught for a sucker by fairy tales. Sorry I have become scares, but to explain will call for a book. Enjoy your weekend.

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        1. Ah … you noticed that too, I see?

          Actually considering how Liverpool are doing, and the way Mo Salah(Muslim) and Roberto Firmino (Born Again Christian) give thanks I reckon Allah and Yahweh must be Reds fans as they seem to have pooled resources.


        1. He hasn’t posted a single one of my acerbic critical comments. No doubt his god would disappear in a puff of my logic – or maybe like most sycophantic Christians I meet he is also a control freak. I think he fears truth.

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        2. Yeah, he blocked my reply, too. I wonder what the difference is between a True Believer blocking those who raise critical points and a Defender of Social Justice blocking those who raise critical points?

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          1. A Defender of Social Justice usually has far less REAL power than the religious nuts who dominate the federal capitol and most state governments. And by religion I mean not only American fundamentalism but also the religion of Mammonism (worship of money) that utterly dominates the United States,

            For every wild-haired tattooed feminist 19 year old at East State Junior College who “cancels” an event by the White Knights of the Aryan Confederate Resistance there are billionaires who have comprehensive programs of legislation that are being enacted as we speak. Even if the SJWs have forced them to be a little more polite (for the moment) in their hobbies and habits. Is the remaining Koch brother afraid of the feminist? I don’t think so.


        3. Well, my latest comment is showing, he may even answer it:


          I can in fact tell the difference between my thoughts and God’s thoughts.

          Ark: I think this is the crux that we /skeptics) all find extremely difficult to comprehend, and need clarification on.
          How exactly are you able to you determine which thoughts come from Jesus and which thoughts are generated by yourself?


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          1. His final reply to me smacks of smug condescension.
            In fact every reply includes a tainted whiff of oneupmanship, so no wonder he deleted your comment.
            Take heart and consider it was the ”gotcha” moment that showed how ridiculous his position is – as every deconvert has attested.

            My final comment which will not likely see the light of day.

            Christ is substantiated by God’s action in the human soul and no amount of external validation would ever be sufficient.

            For what it’s worth this is the fundamental error in your thinking; your presuppositional view regarding what the skeptic ”wants”.

            What you have described concerns something metaphysical which you cannot demonstrate thus your are faced with exactly the same problem – how do you discern that the voice you are hearing is Yahweh?

            And in truth you have failed to demonstrate this claim.
            I expect that adherents of other religions will claim the same as what you have done here, and this merely demonstrates not only the untenability of this position but also the unfortunate hubris that you all show. ”God,Allah, etc speaks to me!”

            You also need to be mindful that most of the skeptics who have commented on this post are former Christians (not me) and some were born again and some strict fundamentalists so they will read your replies and consider them shallow – especially as they would likely have responded just as you have done in this thread.
            While you may consider this a ”victory” for ”your side” numerous requests for evidence to support your case have failed to produce a single example, and your arguments have merely been a continual round of apologetics.


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  2. C’mon now guys, (his) god spoke to him and then he wrote, “The Day I Put My Wife In Her Place”. That ought to give him some credibility.

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      1. That’s not how I interpreted it. . . it sounded like condescending bullshit to the effect of, “I was once in an egalitarian marriage (for the first seven years, if I remember correctly) but now that I’m the boss it’s much better. I didn’t want to, you understand, but (my) god kept telling me I had to do it and now that I have – wow!- we’ve got a wonderful marriage. My wife is happier, I’m the king, and life is good!”

        It’s all about interpretation, isn’t it? 😉

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        1. Indeed it is.
          There’s definitely condescension in his make up, as there is with so many of these apologist types.
          I also consider him to be a passive/aggressive.


  3. I stopped communicating with God and left the faith after the bastard refused to pay up on a bet we’d made on the 2016 World Series. The bastard started ghosting me right after the Cubs won game 7 of said series. The bastard. He owes me 50 bucks. So, if he’s still talking to anyone out there who’s reading this, tell ’em I’m coming for him with two goons named Knuckles and Bruiser!

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        1. What’s the matter, @Cathy’sClown? Worried that the decons are gonna blow the whistle on the God-speaks-to-me scam?


          1. Which then brings into question the validity of all those baptisms, blessings, forgiveness, and marriages performed by pastors priests and vicars who subsequently deconvert.

            Does one need to ask for a refund or at least a repeat service at a discount?


  4. I never did buy into any of that nonsense. No one is spoken to by any god. Speaking in tongues isn’t real, and the rapture is more crap. People just make stuff up as they go along. Sorry I can’t help you. I thought they were quacks then, and I still think so. But then, maybe I only thought I was a “proper” (true Scotsman) Christian.

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    1. A lot of this stuff really was reinvigorated during the American frontier period. Including the Burnt Over Country that gave us all kinds of kookyness, including Mormonism. Not a dominant part of mainstream traditional Christianity at all. It also has a major whiff of “Well aren’t I special” done in that perfect Church lady voice.

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  5. We hear what we want to hear, whether it’s there or not. And the human brain is constructed to make patterns out of everything; sound, sight, smell, touch. Remember those games we played as kids, where you had to reach into a paper sack and describe what you felt in there? Or rorschach tests. Or listening to the ‘music’ a large kettle on the stove makes. Or hearing the voices you need to hear, and thinking it’s god.

    I never heard any of those godly voices. I don’t think Catholics are supposed to, anyway. We were told god would answer us in his own way. Nice way to get around that one, eh.

    Then again it’s one thing to hear the voices in your head and think it’s god, it’s another to tell your congregation that you heard god last night and he told you to tell your followers what to do…

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      1. mgordon, yes I have. It was about four inches above my head, verbally, but I plowed through it, and was fascinated by the whole thing. Basically, it all happens in our heads, it’s how we interpret it that matters. And yeah, when I was younger sometimes as I was falling asleep I’d hear someone call my name, so clear, so real, it would bring me up right out of bed. But I knew where the voices were coming from, and I never once ascribed them to god or jesus or anything woo like that.

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      2. I’ve read his book. I can’t swallow the full version of his thesis, since it’s pretty obvious that apes have consciousness, which makes it hard to imagine that the Sumerians didn’t. Still, the data about voices being heard when certain parts of the brain are stimulated were interesting. He may be on to something, just not what he thinks.

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  6. I was someone who used to believe that I was being communicated to by his deity. It wasn’t so much words and voices as noticing opportunities lining up for me. The most salient example was law school. I had received a settlement for owed wages which ended up being the exact money I needed to move to Florida to attend a Catholic law school which had sent me a random scholarship offer in the mail after I had given up on actively looking for law schools. The timing of this was within months of each other.

    I hope people can see how one could read a divine hand into such circumstances. People look for patterns as is (whether it’s in academic inquiry or conspiracy theories). I just had conditioning that thumbed the scale towards a divine narrative.

    At any rate, I stopped believing in divine communications after I stopped believing in the divine. There are times when the old training kicks in and I find myself pondering some divine intervention. Nowadays, I catch myself and chuckle, forgive myself for the automated response, and move on with my day.

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    1. Old (bad) habits die hard.
      After years of being tobacco free, from time to time I still find myself ”yearning” for a cigarette, especially when I catch a whiff of random tobacco smoke.

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      1. 25 years, here, and once in a great while I want that smoke so bad…often at a long stop light, or as you say, someone else’s cigarette, and it’s white knuckle time…

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        1. We work from home and have done for years, so I am in a relatively ”safe space” ( no cigarettes) and none of our friends smoke. However, if we still worked in an office environment I cannot say for sure how strong my willpower would be.


          1. and it’s white knuckle time…

            Ahhhh yes … one of the greatest invention of the marketing world. Simply insert a highly addictive substance into a little white tube and sell it as an ideal way to relax.

            Of course, unbeknownst to the individual seeking a way to loosen up, wind down, take it easy, once that little tube slips between his/her lips and s/he takes a long, deep breath of it contents, there’s no turning back!

            Forevermore, relaxation and that little white tube are permanently linked.

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          2. ARK:

            it’s not a question of will power. Or of won’t power. Just don’t do it anymore … I never ‘gave up’ alcohol, I just stopped doing it.
            I was never an alcoholic or anything beyond a (navy~!) ‘social’ drinker. But one day when offered a drink I said, no, ta! … and without making any fuss or feathers about it said no so often that folks accepted that I didn’t, no more. (I still have Pussers Rum (brand) about the place and some day may feel like one. And when I do—if I do—so what?)


          3. Nicotine is addictive. Some have reported it’s effects are worse than heroine.
            There is a physical as well as psychological dependence and going cold turkey (which really is the only way to quit) has definite effects until the body has purged itself.


    2. Sirius: you should try the i-ching. Coins or stalks, it comes up with some beauties—no wonder they believed that a god dwelt within the pages. If you do, and are sold …

      … I have great bridge for sale, real cheap price just for YOU (in Sydney).

      But if like me you enjoy it as an exercise but aren’t sold, can I offer a few secondhand Bibles—guaranteed salvation (and not all the miracles between the pages have been used up. Yet).

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  7. From up there, somewhere above:

    “How exactly are you able to you determine which thoughts come from Jesus and which thoughts are generated by yourself?”

    Easy reply on behalf: “MY thoughts are rational” (please send cheque when ready …)


  8. whenever we’re stunned, upset, angry, we say:”nom de Dieu!”(kinda “for god’s sake!”) 😀 otherwise, you may recall I’ve been a Darwinian-Cartesian for decades and on the same wavelength with JM:”I’m not a political person and I don’t have an ideology. I wouldn’t say I’m without spiritual belief particularly, or rather, specifically. I may be an atheist or agnostic, but I’m quite sure there’s NO great creator, somehow controlling everything and giving us free will; it doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.”(John Malkovich)
    * * *
    have a glorious month of March, lots of inspiration and a lovely Fall! 🙂

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