After almost 100 years since the Scopes Trial the USA has started to become the US of Eh?



172539-9215b10c-0afb-4179-8d30-cdb287e048fafor immediate removal—

—whom would YOU trust to remove it? God? (Yay! Infallible! You’re in, home and hosed!) Or scientifically qualified medical doctors?

Actually, in God you trust. By law, it seems—

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—if you live in Ohio. It’s all good clean fun that diverts the thrust of education and pushes the boat out on behalf of wannabe mind controllers in The Land Of The Free … but wait, it gets better:

“The bill is called the Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act. It requires schools to give student religious groups the same access to facilities as secular groups.”

Not being a Yank I don’t really give a damn, it’s their problem — but believing in the Rights of Individuals, namely the right of equality before The Law—how far are they prepared to go with this farce? I said before, quoting a US Civil War general:

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14 thoughts on “YE GODS …

    1. There’s a T-shirt opportunity for you.
      Stars and Stripes featuring an image of the governor of Ohio holding hands with some of the characters from Planet of the Apes.

      Pick your own slogan.

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      1. Ok! My wife did it! You happy now? 😉

        Seriously, that’s a joke folks. I don’t need to dodge incoming… 🙂 My wife is a wonderful person, and she is not standing behind me right now.

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  1. Geezzz. For Chrisp’s Sake (and crunch)! Really? 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

    Ark, we have similar problems/nightmares here in Texas. For example, in our State Board of Education which for two decades has been Pro-Private schooling and Anti-Public schooling. Regarding our Texas history books and curriculum of today:

    “Slavery was a side issue to the Civil War,” declared Texas State Board of Education member Patricia Hardy (Republican), when the board adopted highly politicised standards in 2010. “There would be those who would say the reason for the Civil War was over slavery. No. It was over states’ rights.”

    What Hardy intentionally didn’t finish saying was ‘The Civil War was to keep state’s rights to own slaves, and owners could treat them as they saw fit without interference from Washington D.C.‘ THAT is the ugly truth and it can be easily confirmed by Texas’ March 1861 written explanation (to the Union) of why they were seceding. That letter still exists today! And I quote:

    We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and in that condition only could their existence in this country be rendered beneficial or tolerable.

    Can it be anymore clear!? This was not only horrible scholarship, but it is clearly educational malpractice along the lines of Holocaust deniers! Ark, this type of indoctrinating (not public education) has been on the rise now nationwide for over two decades. Hence, why so many Americans are truly ignorant in sciences, advanced mathematics, and certainly history/social studies.

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