12 thoughts on “For Ohio ….

  1. Fucking madness, isn’t it.

    To paraphrase the law: “We’re going to protect your right to be dead wrong in the face of established facts.”

    Good luck in the job market, boys and girls.

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    1. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to imagine all the ID proponents rubbing their hands in glee and boning up on the Wedge Document.

      And that’s not all folks ….
      Look out for more Coupon Days for kids to visit the Ark Experience ( not the one I have with my wife) but Uncle Ken Ham’s Wooden boat Park.
      Before long kids will have a variety of ”text books” on their desk. – maybe even one featuring a tame dinosaur pulling a cart!

      People like Johnny Scaramanga and Jerry Coyne might have an infarction!

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    2. Very valid point John on boys and girls in our job market, however, when most or more and more employers are exactly the Conservative religious zealots that have organized and knowingly discriminate for and hire those like-minded boys and girls. Meanwhile, anyone non-Xian can’t find decent paying work. It’s like Jim Crow Laws all over again, BUT for any race—or rather pagan races? 🤬

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        1. If you are white-skinned, super wealthy, Conservative, AND a staunch believer and follower of magical mythical fairy-tales… YES! It is the American Dream and your neighborhood looks like Pleasantville, USA (1998 film) and all your (few) neighbors are the Parkers and the Cleavers. 😉 LOL

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      1. In some parts of the country, the fundie density may well be high enough that they can build their own dumbth-based economy. And in some industries it won’t even matter. If Ezekiel Hictard’s Truck Repair Shop in Leviticus county, Alabama, decides to hire only mechanics who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, it may not even materially undermine their ability to repair trucks. But the more high-tech an industry is, the more essential a grasp of real science is. And whatever they do in the US to create a market for ignoramuses, they’ll still have to compete against their contemporaries in Europe, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. who got their science education straight, not cluttered up with religious nonsense.

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        1. I’m not sure I totally agree. Newton advanced science but maintained his religious beliefs and dabbled in alchemy. Francis Collins led the humane genome project and rejects ID, yet describes himself as a devout Christian.

          So it’s entirely possible to compartmentalize one’s religious beliefs and work on scientific endeavors.


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