Over at the Flea Pit, the Pastor is at it again.

On the topic of a democratic society based on secular humanist values.

Maybe our Pastor is editing out pretty much all of Christian history?

A quick search ….

Humanists believe that human experience and rational thinking provide the only source of both knowledge and a moral code to live by. They reject the idea of knowledge ‘revealed’ to human beings by gods, or in special books.

Humanistic philosophy and values reflect a belief in human dignity and science — but not religion. … Also, humanistic thinkers believe in science as a way people can achieve their greatest potential. Humanistic ideas place great importance on thinking and reason as ways people can be fulfilled.


Hmmm….doesn’t sound too bad to me!


Here’s the link  …. go scratch some weefleas!

49 thoughts on “Over at the Flea Pit, the Pastor is at it again.

  1. Robertson: “Because Human [sic] beings will always screw it up…”

    Is that because of our proclivity to elevate emotion and feeling over reason and rationalism, I wonder?

    The pastor, however — like all his kind — cannot offer a solution to human problems that doesn’t require a belief in superstition and metaphysics, and these are no longer tenable for the truly rational-minded.

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        1. YOu should read the comments I am attracting over there!
          How’s this one ….

          GeoffFEBRUARY 12, 2020 AT 9:01 PM
          I’ve not watched it and don’t intend to either.

          Morality: Can Atheism deliver a better world

          They simply refuse point blank to understand what atheism is NOT and always want to state it is some sort of religion.

          They project all the time.

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          1. Contemporary History 101: The liberal democracies most associated with the western world began with the removal of Christianity from all state decision making processes.

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          2. Atheism can indeed deliver a better world, even if it lacks doctrines and institutionalised compulsory beliefs in the nonexistent/s.

            But that’s a pertinent observation on your part that should be taken up and run with, no?

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  2. whoever he is, he is being a-historical. the church supported the monarchy and still does. the struggle against the monarchy- with a king given us by da almighty- was a struggle to wrestle government from the gods and make it human.

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    1. MAK:

      church/monarchy/state = the UK system since waaaay back. A tripod (think 3-legged stool, take away any leg then sit on it and you go arse-over-turkey).

      Remove religion from the status quo and you need better political systems, ones that actually serve the servile.

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        1. Haven’t read it in decades—don’t even know if I still have a copy. But I do remember that he was very perceptive and had great ideas; and was very influential in his day.

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  3. Look at his blog and and the exclusion of differing opinions to see what will happen without secular law. It’s what happened before, time and again. Keep your mouth shut, agree, hide any authentic thoughts to yourself. Live long and happy in Jesus

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  4. Re “Because Human beings will always screw it up and because without Christianity it has no logical basis.” Uh, aren’t these the people who teach that we are all flawed, broken beings in need of saving? I guess with that attitude the only logical consequence is “human beings will always screw it up.” And Christianity as a source of logic (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, wheeze, …). Let’s see, we start with a talking serpent who is so powerful that it can disobey an all-powerful god, a god who ends up having every sentient creation of his (War in Heaven, film at 11!) rebel against him, and has to create a son to make a human sacrifice, which He previously outlawed, to lift a curse that He created just by speaking it. Okay, okay, I can see the logic … wait a minute, let me take another pull on my hookah, yes, I can see the logic now.

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    1. STEVE:

      Hooker? Good looking guy like you?

      Pray to God, my son … go to church, no shortage of crumpet there. (eh? Wot? Oh … yes … spelling again. Dam’ dyslexic dog … sheesh …)

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  5. I’m surprised someone like Robertson has never heard of the Constitution of the United States. Granted, there are levels of ignorance each of us has about many things, but the size of this whopper is rather damning….

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    1. Pastor David Robertson: The man who genuinely thinks he bested Matt Dillahunty over two debates even though he was slated by a fair number of Christians who watched and commented..
      Pastor David Robertson who said in a discussion/interview that grinding the faces of atheists was always fun.

      Gotta Love them Christians, right?

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      1. Hello Ark. Boy do I need to find those debates. In everything I have seen of Dillahunty he runs rings around his opponents and then makes them look silly. If you want a laugh look up what he did to Jordan Peterson and that was only supposed to be a conversation. Hugs

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  6. Oh, this guy’s a silly doo-doo face! We need Islam and the Koran in order for society to run properly! Silly, silly christians! Atheists, secular humanists, christians, any of these blind idiots thinking THEY can run a decent, moral society are FOOLS and will burn in eternal hell-fire for their lies and sins! ONLY through the Koran and Islamic Law, can we live a proper, moral, decent life in society without having to worry about burning in Hell after we die. I know this is fact because it says so right smack-dab in the Koran! Allah has given christians like this infidel eyes, but, yet, they can’t read or SEE the reality right in front of them. This guy is lost and will surely be shocked when he awakens burning for eternity in Hell after he dies. Foolish, foolish man.

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  7. Hello Ark. THe bible / biblical methods of government is not democratic in any way. It is a dictatorship with God at the top giving orders and making decisions that no one can counter, argue against, nor stop in any way. Churches, heck all religions are the same way. The guy at the top gets the words directly from the dictator and you will not question them, but you will follow them without complaint. For it is the will of the lord. So this Robertson guy is putting his own version of “a better happier god” over the one in the bible. So is he making up a new religion in his image? Hugs

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  8. ARK:

    what the good pastor is doing is legal. It may be immoral but it is legal.
    And remember that your UK system is based on a tripod of Monarchy/State/Religion … pop off any leg and the tripod topples.

    Do you really think you’ll be allowed to get away with it?

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    1. That’s pretty close to the mark.
      He is still deleting any replies he does’t like.

      This is one that made it through ….

      ArkenatenFEBRUARY 13, 2020 AT 6:39 AM
      Morality: Can Atheism deliver a better world?

      Atheism is simply the lack of belief in gods. It has no moral agenda.
      There are atheists who are monsters, I’m sure, as there are atheists who are ”lambs”.

      theweefleaFEBRUARY 13, 2020 AT 8:21 AM
      You are right – atheism is amoral…..and therefore immoral….

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  9. Ark, you said “There are atheists who are monsters, I’m sure, as there are atheists who are ”lambs”.

    I think we should do some reverse engineering here, in our analyses.

    Look at the Monsters first rather than at religions per se. And now, what belief system does each monster follow (or utilise) (don’t knock it, Religion is a very very powerful tool).

    Again the rule is simply “get ’em while they are young”; and excepting only the rational everyone does it. Baptism, my Lord? Communism had it’s Red Youth (forgotten the name and really can’t be bothered) Nazis their Hitler Youth. We had sitting around Baden Powell’s bonfires singing and inculcating Brit values (yup! Even here in the colonies) too.

    So why don’t We, The Rational — take a proven leaf from their books too, and do it?

    Oh … yes … we’re afraid of the backlash. Rightly so, Hell hath no fury like a religionist scorned, or worse, deprived of funds, sex, and power. Silly me …

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    1. I think you’ve lost me here?
      Religion has had a massive head start and just getting the proverbial toe in the door has been an achievement.
      But this has little to do with the comment, or am I missing something else entirely?

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      1. True. Religion has had a massive head start. But one of the tools they use to maintain impetus is the indoctrination of the young.

        So we can do likewise. Not by indoctrination (which is anathema to me) but by teaching the young to think, rationally.

        How long would you live if you went to church, sat thru the babbling etc … then once outside called a meeting and destroyed the points raised one by one, with logic? Your teeth would be all over the ground quite rapidly. No? But if you can get folks to think for themselves and spot the contradictions?

        Hence I posted that hymn earlier in my own unloved blog. God is working His purpose out and all is well with the world? So Isis and Islam and the Nazis and all the others are part of God’s loving compassionate Great Plan? Damn — I see no contradictions here …

        Perhaps we need formalise an anti-church, to hold meetings to discuss the local Padre’s sermons (everywhere) whilst still fresh in the mind?

        “God is working His purpose out” … sheesh! I can’t even begin to stop vomiting …

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  10. On behalf of my large, growing family of Freethinking Humanists Ark, I want to thank you for correctly representing the essence of Humanism. 🙂 Cheers Mate! 🍻

    I have covered this subject with Mr. WeeFleedFast before via two articles by acclaimed Harvard grad, biologist, naturalist, secular-humanist, and Professor E.O. Wilson found in The AtlanticThe Biological Basis of Morality and E. O. Wilson’s Theory of Everything. Both articles by Wilson MORE THAN adequately explain and establish the 150,000+ year basis/foundation of human civilizations evolving and refining (sometimes very slowly) toward Higher Ideals of Equality and Coexistence for Humanity. The supporting facts and evidence is overwhelming and most importantly show that the FURTHER we depart from antiquated mythologies, religions, and ignorance thru/from unquestioned “Blind Faith” and their institutions… our species is hands-down much better off! Better off to learn, thus eliminating more ignorance, and gaining increased abilities to ADAPT to changing environments, a changing planet, changing humans and societies, and most importantly decreasing our odds of total extinction!

    But no surprise, Pastor WeFleedFast has absolutely NO INTEREST in any other world-view or paradigm that doesn’t align perfectly to his own HUMAN perceptions. Tisk tisk, shame shame Robertson, you prideful, arrogant man. 🙄

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  11. I did once upon a time think of writing a critique of The Holey Bible, verse by verse and line by line … but too massive a task for any one person. Perhaps society needs (desperately? Tut!) a group dedicated to the task?

    All I can do myself is take the occasional potshot at some of the more extreme rubbish — but:

    First up = best dressed

    So mostly they win by default. Church classes for infants, boom boom! (Gotcha, Kid!) It takes a strong mind to break free of apron string indoctrinations. Strong objective mind, or an observant mind capable of rational WTF analysis.

    Those minds are out there, so give ’em the tools (and get out of their way once indignation kicks in).


  12. Again I say: indulging in ‘discussion’ with the likes of Robertsons and CSs and such is amusing but not really productive. You (we~!) either need a campaign or should give it away …


  13. I was reading something today that explains these Christians and their disdain for facts. “No evidence can change someone’s mind in a Religious Ideology because they have entered that position by being irrational so how on Earth can you use rationality to get them out of that position? So I think a better way to do it is to attack them on their hypocrisy . At least when you attack them with a bit of humor, it’s very difficult to defend. ” Ian Plimer

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