Leading you up the garden path.

Amid temperatures in the thirties we’ve had this …. a seasonally typical hailstorm.

But the sun comes out once again, so it’s opportunity to play on the garden

Catherine and Emily, playing ball with  my godson.

A large Cream Striped Owlet  Moth  Cyligramma latona I found in one of the old outbuildings.

Gimme some love!

Zebra White.

The Grand Dispersal otherwise known as the annual Brown Veined White ( Pioneer Caper White) migration is almost over but there are a few tail-enders.



11 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path.

          1. Bigger fish to fry, though the league is pretty well wrapped up still records to go for.
            See you’ve corrected the title now check the second line of script.


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