30 thoughts on “A must watch! The nonsense of faith and the power of indoctrination.

    1. Bad enough when you read the dribblings of people like Mel, Robertson, Branyan CS and the two latest half-wits Randy and Bruce, but it comes across as much worse when you actually hear one of them spew this garbage.
      But Dillahunty deals with this woman brilliantly.

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  1. These ex-Christians of 20 years are always the best supporters of atheist views, that should at least tell the faithful something rather than trotting out their old and worn holly underwear that they were never really Christians.

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      1. I agree that indoctrination blinds them because it creates a mental instability most likely initiated from insecurity. I find Dillahunty’s ex Christian status as a kind of qualification similar to Richard Dawkins qualification as a world leading evolutionary biologist, and with Dillahunty’s vast knowledge and enthusiasm he is somebody who cannot be denied or simply written off as never a Christian by a Christian who retains some marbles, unlike some of those we know.

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  2. ‘God has a lot to answer for before I can believe or respect Him.’ Paraphrasing Matt-

    But this says enough as to WHY people choose their own blindness. Defective units putting the Creator on trial? Really?

    Dare a man have the audacity to point a crooked finger at He who gave them life? Geez, I swear people are clueless.

    The Genesis account stands on its own. ‘He made the stars also.’ So demure. So unassuming. So terse. So true. Matt can cry all He wants. What has he made ?


      1. I have answered that question dozens of times and in many agreeing ways- all part and parcel of the whole-

        To recap: take a pile of steel, raw timber- unrefined copper- carbon/nickel/zinc/
        sand/silica/ any element –

        Alone they are nothing so to speak- together they constitute a house-

        Take the same analogy- water/botany/ leather/ light/ heat/ food/ on and on, now u have a created world- and the innate conscience which is the greatest building of all which knows this/ Genesis 1.1 sets the table.

        We are all creators of sorts, made in Gods image- to create- like u in the darkroom producing that which is SEEN, not as abstract/ but as true- but dependent upon faith- as substance/ because it has already been verified.

        Sorry but this is the great fail of Matt’s ministry- his origin is off- his starting point is off- therefore every conclusion he asserts is off.

        God is not on trial. Life and death prove otherwise.


        1. @DefectiveUnit — who is semi-literate, and can barely put a sentence together without sermonizing — believes he was created in the image of God.

          What does that say about the god?

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    1. You’ve just admitted you’re a “defective unit”, @ShitForBrains, so why should we believe anything you say about your god or the Bible? Mazel tov. You just cancelled out your own dumb argument. Jeez, I swear some people are clueless.

      Don pointed it out: Genesis must be considered a failure — from the perspective of any god intent on communicating its “message” — because even Christians can’t unanimously agree whether to interpret it metaphorically or literally. If literally, then Genesis makes little sense –and strains credibility, to say the least. If metaphorically, then who cares? It’s just another story, or theological explanation: one among thousands.

      As an origin myth, Genesis is nothing special. What makes it embarrassing are the absurd claims made for it on behalf of credulous types like you.

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  3. This lady has spent considerable time trying to justify what she already decided to believe before analyzing the doctrines. Faith before fact is a big nono, or you start talking in circles.

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    1. when you call in to a program like this, known for its gentle but serious debunkers, you aren’t asking for anyone to believe anything you say, you’re just using it as a platform to get your own ‘word of god” out there. Wouldn’t it be more effective if it’s so important to you, to just bend ze knees and pray? Why waste time on a call in show?

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      1. I know as a believer, you think your arguments are so sound that if they just hear it the right way, then they’ll “get it”. The problem is belief first, then reason is just wordplay to prove the belief, when it needs to be the other way around. ‘Tis The way of religion though. Nobody reasons before belief, because until it’s presented nobody really gives a shit. The crowd is a powerful thing

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  4. At the root of this is a god which is complete, needs nothing and wants nothing but which created a race of conscious beings to worship him. Doesn’t that sound a teensy bit needy? No?

    And to the topic on this clip: why would an all-good god place a serpent in a place to tempt his created beings when they clearly did not know the difference between right and wrong. This is a bit like handing a loaded pistol to a toddler and expecting them to do the right thing.

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  5. I’ve seen this one before and it is still quite good watching it again. Matt is rather adept at handling the nonsense being used to defend religion. He really likes to be challenged, though none have come close to doing so from all of the videos I have seen. Maybe your “colorful” buddy who likes to comment on your blog quite often (you know, the one and only true Christian on WordPress) would be up to the task. Maybe he should call in to the show and attempt to give Matt a run for his money. I would love to hear Matt’s response. My guess is that he’d hang up rather quickly, determining the caller to be disingenuous and wasting his time just for a laugh.

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  6. I would say Dillahunty’s knowledge of the Bible after 20 years a Christian and studying to become a priest would be beyond those of any callers who are over confident Christians basically sacrificing themselves in the name of their God

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  7. Compared to many, this caller is not so difficult. No new arguments are ever called in by believers (that show has been going on for a long time and those two moderators have heard it all). Matt’s ability to tolerate stupid is tested often, and sometimes he has to hang up following a brief litany of unpleasant, but well-executed expletives.
    Has one caller ever said he or she did not believe, read the bible, and thus god was revealed to them and they came to believe because of the bible? It seems more likely to have been the reverse: belief based on society/culture, read the bible, then disbelieve. I never have figure out how/why knowledge is a sin, but we see that claim openly made by many believers even today.

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